Saw Trax launches new innovative pivoting Scoop Dolly, assures reduced need of manpower

Scoop Dolly by Saw Trax will dawn in a new chapter in the world of door dollies with its state-of-the-art design and amazing business and ergonomic advantages.

Kennesaw, Georgia – June 16, 2021 – Leading material handling solutions company Saw Trax has recently launched an innovative pivoting dolly which comes with multiple business benefits for a factory or a plant. Titled “Scoop Dolly”, this cutting-edge door dolly can easily move a whopping 500 lb  door and  window sets or a crated panel saw with the help of just one person. 

A landmark development in the world of door dollies, the advanced Scoop Dolly was initially integrated with a pivoting mechanism at the side. Later on, the dolly was further refined to include a dedicated box.

The USP of innovative Scoop Dolly is its strategic “L” shaped support mechanism which pivots on the dolly so the dolly itself stays flat and it’s only the “L” part which moves. The 4 (or 5) casters used under the box of this dolly stay on the floor.  This way, the two  angled casters don’t have to bear a large weight which would eventually eliminate risks of undue stress on the bearings as is otherwise found in a conventional Tilt dolly. 

The dolly needs just one single user to  stand on its platform box who will either pull an item or use a pull stick to pull an item onto the “L”.  He can continue to hold the item on the L while pulling the L back to the adjustable angle saddles- and that will eventually help to move the item.

“We are excited to bring to you our state-of-the-art pivoting Scoop Dolly that will redefine the door dolly scene and for better. One of the most significant advantages of our unique dolly is that it can be operated by just one person instead of two which we otherwise see in a traditional tilt dolly. This way, your business will have to hire less employees which would mean huge savings for your overall payroll. On the other hand, our innovative dolly will assure a faster operation across your plant or factory. As our latest dolly needs just one person and not two and you can deploy more people in other tasks which would naturally speed up the whole operational process”, stated the leading spokesperson from Saw Trax.  

“Our Scoop Dolly also assures great ergonomic benefits. With our unique dolly, your employees won’t be lifting half the weight of the dolly all day as you otherwise see in the traditional tilt dolly. It would cause less fatigue and also reduce risks of injury.  There would be less risk of product damage as well since the Scoop Dolly is more controlled and is never slammed into a wall unloading. Such a convenient arrangement makes our advanced dolly ergonomically much safer than conventional options.”

The next-gen dolly also assures excellent durability, courtesy its robust construction. The dolly box, blade and saddles are made out of 12 gauge powder coated steel while its square tube has been built of 16 gauge steel.  A standard model with 4 casters has 800 lb. maximum lift. However, on weight upgrade (say to 1,000 lb.), a fifth wheel would be fitted under the box.

Top features of Scoop Dolly:

  • Able to carry huge weight even with single-person operation
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Robust construction
  • Directional wheel which allows users to conveniently push the load instead of pulling it
  • Dock transition wheels
  • Foot leverage step for wider loads like refrigerator
  • Brake and forklift channels which allow lifting of entire cart and door from a truck to ground and vice versa

About Saw Trax

Based in Georgia, Saw Trax specializes in material handling solutions vertical panel saws, dollies and corrugated sheet cutters. The company is renowned for developing innovative and ergonomically designed solutions. 

For more information on the pivoting door Scoop Dolly, please visit or email Saw Trax at or Call on: 770-974-0021

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