My Magic Heel redefines women’s accessory market by unveiling the world’s first heel conversion system

My Magic Heel has redefined the women’s accessory market after unveiling the world’s first heel conversion system, allowing women to permanently convert their narrow heel into a block heel without requiring heel removal.

“This truly transformative product is making waves in the market because it provides convenience by letting wearers convert their stilettos into a stable, stylish, and easy-to-walk in block heel,” says Jessica Groves-Hill, creator and founder of My Magic Heel.

My Magic Heel is a universal standalone block heel that fits heels 3-4 inches tall and retrofits over the shoe heel, so no heel removal is required.

The innovative shoe accessory provides six different interchangeable heel cover designs, including black, silver, gold, leopard, zebra print, and crystal, allowing for various styles for a single pair of shoes.

Jessica is a mother of three and a registered nurse from Cleveland, Ohio. She came up with the idea after realizing she was tired of giving away all her heels due to not being able to safely walk in them and being on a budget. 

“Purchasing new women’s shoes was not an option for me. I felt like it was important to allow women to wear the shoes they already own while allowing stability while walking,” says Jessica, pointing out that the goal of My Magic Heel is to give women both style and stability while saving money.

Jessica grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. She became a mom at 19 and discovered that if she were going to make a good life for her son, she would have to sacrifice, work hard, and never settle for mediocrity.

“As a black woman, it was important to me to succeed and become a role model for other young women. So I pushed harder and eventually came up with the idea that would revolutionize women’s accessories,” Jessica says. 

Jessica graduated from nursing school at 24 and became a registered nurse. She then earned her Master’s degree in Nursing in 2015. 

While she continues to thrive in her nursing career at one of the largest managed care organizations in the country, Jessica’s drive to become successful did not end after becoming a nurse and being successful in the industry. 

Jessica Groves-Hill is now the owner and CEO of Heel Transformations LLC and inventor of My Magic Heel. Jessica owns both a utility and design patent for My Magic Heel, solidifying her place in the women’s accessory market.

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