Garry Kasparov launches a chess platform, fully developed by OSM

OSM, a software development company, produced Kasparovchess — the legacy of the legendary Garry Kasparov. The community-first chess platform is a multi-platform solution that smoothly supports all content and features, that provides its users with educational and engaging content, and the ability to improve their chess skills. 

Garry Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist, and commentator. His goal with Kasparovchess is to create a place where chess enthusiasts can play a game of chess but get the needed education and practice.

The OSM team was entrusted with the responsibility to develop the platform from scratch, but they played a huge role in the ideation process, as well. 

“Kasparovchess is a very important project entrusted to us, full of challenges. Today, we are proud to show what our small, yet awesome (OSM) team managed to accomplish,” explains Vojin Stanojevic, CEO of OSM. “The content team behind Kasparovchess has prepared over 1,000 videos, plenty of documentaries, podcasts, and interviews. With such a great choice of content and features that the platform offers, it was pretty challenging to create complementary mobile apps.” 

The iOS version of the app is built mostly on SwiftUI, which was in beta at the beginning of Kasparovchess development. OSM was challenged to combine the SwiftUI with C++ technology. The team managed to mix several languages and architectures to get a five-layered environment where everything runs smoothly. 

Furthermore, the OSM team initiated the creation of various app features that would enable users to have the best experience possible. 

What makes Kasparovchess so unique? 

• Kasparovchess is suitable for both beginners and grandmasters, as it includes a wide range of lessons from grandmasters, exercises, puzzles, and a masterclass from Garry Kasparov himself.

• A user can play a game of chess against a friend, players across the globe, or a computer — anytime, anywhere. But there’s much more to it — users can track your progress and get curated exercise to improve their game.

• The platform provides access to over 50,000 puzzles, perfect for training and developing various skills.

• Kasparovchess enables its users to stream chess and enjoy tournaments or street games from all around the world. 

“The platform has a very intuitive UX/UI that helps users navigate and quickly discover new content and features,” Vojin continues, “A simple click on the CTA button takes users right to a documentary or a game. Furthermore, users are guided through the available options depending on their subscription.” 


Despite all the obstacles caused by the pandemic, all technology challenges, and short deadlines, OSM confirms that expertise and team commitment are the needed ingredients to develop a successful, global project. Elevate your chess game with Garry Kasparov. 

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