Steadily A Landlord Insurance Company That Provides The Ultimate Customer Journey

Steadily is an easy-to-use landlord insurance company that focuses on providing an unbeatable customer journey for landlords by enabling them to purchase affordable landlord insurance within a few minutes.

Steadily is an insuratech startup that is on a mission to make getting landlord insurance a hassle-free and affordable experience. This young Austin-based startup has raised $3.8 million to develop their mobile based services for landlords. 

The founder, Darren Nix, realized there was room for improvement in the previously time-consuming process of acquiring landlord insurance. Previously, landlords had to hop through the hoops of an over-the-phone application to receive landlord insurance.

With Steadily, a landlord will be able purchase their landlord insurance within a few minutes. Steadily has created a streamlined process that prefills data points for the user and is completely online. This enables the user to receive an affordable quote within a few minutes versus a few days or weeks and they will not need to hire an insurance agent.

This is particularly beneficial in cases of short-term rental insurance for people who rent their properties through platforms like Airbnb. Depending on their current insurance plans, they may not be covered and may end up having to get rental insurance. If this is the case, then they will be able to quickly get landlord insurance without the extra processes the traditional experience offers and be in business to rent out their property. 

Landlord policies generally cost around 25% more on the same property than a typical homeowner’s policy. Tenants are seen as a higher risk versus homeowners, thus, the increase in price on landlord premiums. Steadily is recreating how the underwriting process by developing a new model on tracking novel risk characteristics which will result in a more accurate way of pricing and accepting risk. This will ultimately translate to more affordable rates to the end user.

Darren has seen the problems with the current state of landlord insurance and stated, ““We set out to build the product that we wanted to use ourselves. Our goal is to modernize landlord insurance all the way from the initial purchase through to paying out claims so that property owners are protected and served the way they should be.”

Steadily is Developing Technology to Handle Better Risk Management

Steadily is in the process on building IoT devices that can monitor for potential issues in order to prevent problems. For example, a device that would detect leaks on washing machines by simply attaching a sensor on the bottom of the machine. This ultimately, would reduce the severity of claims and save the landlord time. The end result is aimed at increasing overall efficiency and lowering costs for their customers.

About Steadily

Steadily is comprised of a well put together team of industry experts that offers an unbeatable customer journey to acquire Landlord insurance — quote request to claim resolution. They take a mobile first approach that eliminates the middlemen (insurance agents). Steadily aims to recreate the landlord insurance segment. Based in Austin Texas, Steadily is backed by notable investors including Next Coast Ventures, Matrix Partners, SV Angel, and Nine Four Ventures.

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