The Thompson Method Prepares Mothers-To-Be for a Healthy and Happy Breastfeeding Journey

Reinventing breastfeeding education to empower women as they embark on their journey into motherhood.

Breastfeeding has many known health benefits for the newborn. Because of this, many mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies right after giving birth and are often expected to do it easily. But this is not always the case for every mother. While some mothers are able to breastfeed successfully, many others are forced to stop breastfeeding because of painful complications that, in many cases, could have been avoided.

Knowing this, Dr. Robyn Thompson founded the Thompson Method to share with mothers the importance of breastfeeding and to assist them in the preparation for the new and exciting journey ahead. The Thompson Method is a gentle, evidence-based method towards birth and breastfeeding. It aims to educate and support women who would like to breastfeed and reduce their risk of common complications with breastfeeding.

The Thompson Method is based on the knowledge and experience that Dr. Robyn has gained over 45 years as a midwife and almost a decade of research. The information is available in the Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program which is designed to help mothers confidently make informed decisions when it comes to their labor, birth and breastfeeding. The program teaches soon-to-be mothers about how preparing for labor and birth actually plays a role in the entire breastfeeding experience.

The Thompson Method Breastfeeding Program is more than just achieving a good breastfeeding position. It is about understanding how breastmilk is produced, what affects its production and being confident about how to establish and maintain milk volume. At the same time, it is about mothers empowering themselves to be in control of their labor, birth and breastfeeding journey.

“What many women don’t understand is that the decisions made during labor and birth greatly influence breastfeeding,” a representative shared. “By being well informed during pregnancy, women will be more in control of their labor and birth, reducing the risk of complications with breastfeeding.”

The Thompson Method challenges the common and forceful breastfeeding techniques that are available almost everywhere, including hospitals. It is based on the importance of the first breastfeed (referred to by Dr. Robyn as the 3 Golden Hours) for the breastfeeding mother and her newborn. The experienced midwife believes that these golden hours are often unnecessarily interrupted because of routine procedures after giving birth, such as baby’s bathing, weighing, and routine injections.

The Thompson Method’s gentle and holistic approach to breastfeeding provides pregnant women – both first time and experienced mothers – with the education and tools to understand how to trust their maternal instincts and to observe their baby’s cues. It also reassures breastfeeding women that painful complications may be resolved or relieved with some gentle adjustments and the right knowledge and understanding of how breastfeeding works.

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About The Thompson Method

The Thompson Method reinvents breastfeeding support and education. It is the result of decades of midwifery experience and research to avoid or overcome breastfeeding complications. It aims to educate pregnant women about the importance of preparing for their breastfeeding journey during pregnancy to reduce the risk of common complications.

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