Sellerise Private Event For Amazon Sellers Revolutionized the Way of Dealing With Amazon in 2021

The most expected for Amazon Sellers Rise Amazon Seller Conference from Sellerise started. Top speakers, the leaders of Amazon business, shared their experience with the participants and learned about new hacks of Amazon sales in 2021. 

“There was an intensive program on the methods of being a profitable Amazon seller. No matter the ticket type, each of the participants learned the most effective techniques on dealing with Amazon,” claims the organizer of the event and CEO of Sellerise, Dima Kubrak. 

There was also a considerable networking session, where the participants could ask their questions to the most profitable Amazon sellers from the top 100. Guests from different industry niches learned how to identify the competitive places to develop. They also knew how to work with keywords and reviews properly and how this affected the conversions. 

The company Sellerise, the leading company for enhancing Amazon’s business through customized tools, organized the event and made an excellent speaker choice. The speakers provided information on a great range of topics: from Amazon, inner algorithms work to dealing with external traffic and working with influencers. 

Olena Kubrak, the CEO of Instaskincare, the leading Amazon beauty brand, shared how to work with influencers to profit and build brand awareness. The top Amazon sellers and speakers like Adam Heist, Jamie Davidson, Ashley Thompson, Carlos Alvarez, and Krystina Uradzinskaya discussed the product launch strategy and traffic monetization. 

“The Conference made a change in understanding how Amazon works and how the sellers can use the algorithms to get profit. The participants learned on their strong sides, believed in themselves, and became more sophisticated sellers, indeed. 

The role of the Sellerise tool in the industry grows: more and more sellers use it to get the unified data from all the listings, work with the reviews and get higher profit. 

The Conference continues Dima, gathered the people who aimed to boost their Amazon business and make a change in the world of sales. There was an inspiring networking session at the end of each day, where everyone could ask for advice from the sellers with over $500,000 revenue. It was a fantastic opportunity for the professionals and newbies of Amazon to get a new perspective and strengthen their positions. 

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