Purple Majesty Inc. Announces Aquaponics Project That Provides Training and Workshops for Community-Based Sustainable Food Production

Charleen Nicole and her team at Purple Majesty Inc. are transforming food production by offering Aquaponics education using modern technology and tools

Tampa, FL – Purple Majesty Inc., an aquaponics farm company dedicated to sustainable agriculture and lifestyle announces their Aquaponics project for anyone who wants to grow healthy food for the community.

“Our mission is to change the farming of yesteryear and the lifestyle of growing, producing, and feeding our communities by cultivating great amounts of produce (fruit & vegetables),” said Charleen Nicole, Chief Executive Officer of Purple Majesty Inc.

We utilize the latest technology, zero waste, and a moderate amount of water while using the best environmental practices with economic and social stability. We’re excited to bring this futuristic way of growing to Florida.”

Charleen Nicole and the Purple Majesty Inc. team are committed to building a community of farmers who grow food with environmental consciousness. They have a passion for changing the world through food security using innovative technology and responsible farming culture that leads to healthy foods.

Aquaponics is not a new farming method; it’s been around for thousands of years where the Aztecs (different ethnic groups of central Mexico) grew plants on chinampas stationary islands. The 13th century Chinese also farmed paddy fields that included fish as part of the ecosystem.

There are several benefits of aquaponics that makes many experts believe that it’s the future of farming for a world with astronomical growth in demand for food. It uses 1/6th of water to grow 8 times more food on every acre of land when compared to traditional agriculture. Grow food indoor or in the backyard with ease and convenience. Aquaponics uses natural fertilizers from fish waste, so there is no need to add poisonous chemical ingredients that affect the quality of the food. The farmer can control what goes into the soil and expect excellent produce. There is few or no soil diseases, and pests are kept at bay. Fruits and vegetables are healthier for human consumption.

For more information, please visit https://www.purplemajesty.us/.

About Purple Majesty Inc.

Purple Majesty Inc. is a company dedicated to promoting a sustainable world through aquaponics. They’re building a community of environmental and health-conscious people who’re using technology to redefine agriculture and food production.

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