Alternet Systems Shares Surge 74% Ahead of Planned July Launch of Its Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental Pilot Program In Africa

Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) shares surged this week after an update saying the company is on track to launch its transformative EV rideshare business in July. The comprehensive program is targeting the massive African boda-boda motorcycle rideshare market.

On Wednesday morning, ALYI announced that it successfully completed a review of its electric motorcycle development program with experienced design team MODUS Applied Innovations. Following the thumbs-up evaluation last week, ALYI management reiterated that its EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental pilot program is on track to capitalize on seizing a large portion of the opportunities inherent to the African markets. Moreover, ALYI will be releasing a comprehensive shareholder update on its EV Rideshare and Self-Drive Rental pilot program on June 18, 2021. Shares jumped nearly 75% to close at $0.0592 following the announcement of the review’s completion. It’s expected that the update later this morning can send share prices even higher.

Better still, the update should set investor expectations for how it plans to create shareholder value during the back half of this year. And if all stays on course, company growth could be substantial.

Entering the $4 Billion African Ride Hail Market

Already, ALYI’s innovative electric ReVOLT motorcycle has attracted industry attention, with its classic design, innovative mechanisms, and energy efficiency making it a perfect vehicle for densely populated ride-share markets.

In fact, an order for the ReVolt is already in production to service the Kenya market, calling for 2000 of its bikes to be deployed into Africa’s $4 billion motorcycle taxi and ride hail market. The first of these deliveries is expected in July 2021, and ALYI believes that the advantages of its electric motorcycle will help it to quickly increase its market count across the continent.

Aside from its rideshare pilot program, ALYI also plans to launch a self-drive rental program. Similar to how shared electric scooter company Bird has made millions by renting out electric scooters in urban areas, ALYI plans to rent shared electric motorcycles in Kenya that can be unlocked using a mobile phone app. The self-drive rental program is a perfect complement to its rideshare service, appealing to the African market that features densely populated urban areas and low vehicles per capita. The service would allow users the option to instantly hop on an electric motorcycle and drive themselves to their destination, eliminating the need to wait for a driver to show up. This would also create an additional and potentially substantial revenue stream to ALYI. Better still, by eliminating the need to pay drivers, the business model is high margin, high profit.

Developing a Wholly Owned Electric Ecosystem

The excellent news for the long-term investor is that ALYI’s Electric Motorcycle Program is just one component of the company’s larger plan to create an all-encompassing electric vehicle ecosystem.

ALYI knows that any electric vehicle’s success will be determined by the simultaneous availability of the full network of solutions required to support it. That network is a collection of various components that support the operation of electric vehicles, such as the availability of power, charging stations, availability of long-range batteries, and internet connectivity for software updates. Providing the electric motorcycles is only the first step of ALYI’s overall business focus – by creating an entire ecosystem of services that support them, the company can enjoy multiple revenue streams by earning consistent and sustainable business from its customers.

Also, to attract and retain the best talent in the electric vehicle industry, ALYI is launching an annual electric vehicle race in partnership with a brand name racing organization to be held in Nairobi, Kenya. The event aims to attract the brightest minds in the electric vehicle industry and provide an opportunity to demonstrate the latest EV technologies, while also calling attention to ALYI’s growing electric vehicle ecosystem. The annual event will also be held alongside an electric mobility symposium and expo, giving companies like ALYI a chance to demonstrate their portfolio and search for accretive business opportunities.

Indeed, ALYI is on track to become recognized as a pioneer in the motorcycle rideshare markets. Through its commitment to the development of a fully featured ecosystem, it is helping create a more inclusive environment for all electric vehicle users. ALYI’s financing partner and electric car ecosystem collaborator, RevoltTOKEN, has already contributed critical funds to get ALYI’s business concept to this point.

Other partnerships are driving value as well.

IQST Brings Collaborative Opportunities

ALYIs partnership with iQSTEL (OTC: IQST) is one of the most notable collaborations. Investors should certainly keep an eye on this duo, as the partnership is developing products and services that will help differentiate ALYI from its competitors. IQST is no small company, and as an international telecom services provider generated over $44 million in annual revenues in 2020, and is expecting to post $60.5 million by the end of 2021.

The collaboration is primarily focused on exploring ground-breaking battery innovations that have the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. Two of its innovative energy solutions in development include HD thin-film technology and industrial hemp, both having the potential to provide a more robust and energy-efficient alternative to the current electric vehicle batteries. The potential of these innovations is huge, and successful developments could open the doors to a variety of applications beyond electric motorcycles.

Other features that make ALYI and IQST’s devices stand out are their ability to provide functions that are beyond the capabilities of other competing products, such as battery geolocation, simple maintenance processes, online diagnostic communications, and remote configuration. ALYI’s unique offerings will help it to establish its own fully featured ecosystem for the EV market, ultimately allowing it to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the rapidly growing industry. ALYI even believes that the innovative technologies within its portfolio could become appreciated by its own competitors, creating the opportunity for substantial revenue growth through agreements with other players in the industry.

A Robust Back Half Of 2021

Indeed, if ALYI has its way, it will become a household name in the electric vehicle industry. Its improved balance sheet, partnerships with industry experts, and the near-term Kenyan launch of its ReVolt electric motorcycle has positioned it well to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the EV and rideshare industries.

Moreover, with the July delivery date approaching, investors appear to be positioning ahead of near-term catalysts, focusing first on the Kenya market product launch. That deal alone makes the current share price of attractive, but deals following on the heels of that launch make the opportunity even better.  

Best of all, ALYI has carefully planned its near-term initiatives to support its growth toward becoming a long-term EV powerhouse. And, as demonstrated by Wednesday’s 74% gain, investor confidence in that mission is coming sooner rather than later. Thus, at current share price levels, ALYI presents a compelling value opportunity. But with a busy July and more news to follow, the value disconnect may tighten, making consideration at these levels timely.

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