Wound Institute of America Has Rebranded and Expanded Its Facility in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES – June 18, 2021 – Wound Institute of America, a California Primary Wound Care Center, announced a full rebranding and expansion of their medical facility. Wound Institute of America has completely redesigned its logo and created a new website that matches the new branding. The new website looks amazing and very attractive with great messaging of what the company is all about. It brings out the branding image and just in time for the new expansion of the facility. 

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Wound Institute of America is an ever-growing facility that treats people with conditions such as burns, skin grafts, diabetic ulcers, and non-healing wounds. The four core services they offer are wound care, surgical reconstruction, skin treatments, and podiatric procedures. In California, the company is known to be the most reputable and trusted in the industry of wound care, especially in Los Angeles.

Wound Institute of America was founded by two leading doctors of medicine. The two doctors, Dr. Som Kohanzadeh and Dr. David Pougatsch, two prominent wound care and surgical specialists who are also partnered with Sherman Oaks Wound Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, are behind one of the best wound care treatments in California. Their goal when starting the out-patient wound center was meant to bring years of knowledge and techniques into one central location for both members to comfortably perform and call their own. The Wound Institute has mastered what it means to heal wounds and the rate of healing as much as twice the national average. Dr. Pougatsch says, “I’m excited to see the facility we have started finally expand. We focus on quality, not quantity, so with slow growth, we still managed to be the best wound care center in Los Angeles. The public trusts us and our innovative technology for next-level healing.”

The wound center has also been involved in multiple clinical trials to develop the most advanced products and services on the market today for patients. 

The wound center specializes in different types of wounds from head to toe, regardless of cause. The primary specialty is in diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores, venous leg ulcers, and reconstructive/plastic surgery of areas of the breast, scalp, hand, wrist, ankle, and foot. One of the members, Dr. Som is also part of the Cancer Institute of America where he provides surgery for breast cancer patients who need tumor removal and rehabilitation.

The Wound Institute of America does not stop there to innovate the industry. The company has created their education system called the scribe program where they invite medical students to not only work for a year in a paid position and get hours for school but get hands-on training on real-world techniques that will later contribute to their success. This program not only creates a community of educated future doctors but also provides the facility a vision of change for the community of Los Angeles.

Not only are we innovating the wound care industry, but we are changing the education system with our student scribe program where individuals who are in school or going to school for medicine can work with us to gain experience from professional doctors.

Meet the Founders of Wound Institute of America:

Som Kohanzadeh

A board-certified plastic surgeon and expert in reconstructive surgery; trained in both surgical and non-surgical procedures for the body, breasts, face, and skin. He is part of the reconstructive side of the Wound Institute of America. 

David Pougatsch

Dr. Pougatsch is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and co-founder of Wound Institute of America and director of Under Pressure Hyperbarics, and an expert podiatrist specializing in treating complex acute and chronic wounds and preventing amputations of the foot and ankle. Podiatric Medicine

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Wound Institute of America in Beverly Hills, California, is one of California’s most trusted wound care centers focused on wound care, surgical management/reconstruction, skin treatments, and general podiatric procedures.

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Consultation is open if you want to visit the website at woundinstitute.com or call +1 310-975-9017.

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