Embracing Curves and Achieving Fitness Goals, the THICKFITT™ Way

Get into a healthier lifestyle with the right support and fitness tools provided by THICKFITT™.

There is nothing more empowering than loving one’s self – to have the confidence to flaunt every curve and define what is fit beyond the prejudiced standards of society. It is not an easy feat to commit to a healthier lifestyle overnight. While some get the hang of it in just a few days, others struggle to work on themselves especially in the height of a COVID-19 pandemic. This inspired THICKFITT™ to become an online platform for everything related to fitness and wellness – because everybody deserves to fulfill their fitness goals no matter what size.

THICKFITT™ is building a community of upliftment and empowerment in the health and wellness sector by being committed to motivating their subscribers and those who wish to change their mindset and become fit and healthier. At THICKFITT™, there is only one thing that people need to remember and that is to “Know your WHY, set your intentions, claim your fitness success, and manifest a healthier you. Respect the curve!”

Because of the pandemic, most people have reverted to stagnant lifestyles due to prolonged lockdowns at home. THICKFITT™ aims to encourage people to get over the pandemic slump when it comes to matters of fitness through their ultimate guide to burning “COVID-19 fat” in just 30 days. People should make something out of this new normal and embrace their curves gifted by the heavens and realize their fullest potential.

Staying motivated and achieving results is easy with the THICKFITT™ mindset, along with the essential fitness tools that fit one’s exercise preferences. THICKFITT™ has a variety of workout apparel, workout equipment, and fitness gears that would give that extra push needed for every workout. For their workout apparel line, THICKFITT™ offers a women’s full coverage bra, men’s sauna vest, a THICKFITT™ “T” shirt, women’s zipper pocket leggings, and its trending “Melt It Off” women’s waist trainer leggings. Their fitness gears, on the other hand, include a cordless rope, drawstring shoulder bag, fitness tracker, gym towel, mini duffle, mini yoga mat, occlusion bands, phone stand, and two COVID fitness essentials – a fitness face mask and a hand sanitizer band.

Should anyone need additional support, the THICKFITT™ community is here to lend a helping hand. To provide continuous support to its customers, THICKFITT™ will soon be launching a social media platform for subscribers and people needing support with food and weight management for their peers – and yes, this includes both men and women. THICKFITT™ also plans to expand its product offerings for men to provide them additional support as well.

More information about THICKFITT™ and its products can be found at https://thickfitt.com/.


THICKFITT™ is an online brand for everything related to fitness and wellness, offering a variety of fitness apparel, equipment, and gears, and providing community support for those who need an extra push for their fitness goals.

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