New Release: Best NABAIDUN Dehumidifier Fighting Summer Humidity

First Aid to the Dampest Room

With the summer and rainy season approaching, are the following humidity issues facing people’s home?

• Moist or wet stains are present on walls or ceiling.
• Room feels unpleasantly stuffy.
• Windows are covered with condensation.
• Musty odors exist.
• Mold is visible.

If people have noticed that the room is too humid and/or people have spotted the culprit, people may need an almighty dehumidifier for the room.

NABAIDUN Wi-Fi Home Dehumidifier was designed to be a condensing model, it can remove far greater quantities of moisture from the air than desiccant models or thermoelectric dehumidifiers, and the max dehumidification capacity up to 50 pints(30Pint 2019 DOE) per day in areas up to 3000 sq.ft, which gives the unit a leg up in particularly damp areas.

Putting it in the dampest part of the home can dramatically reduce its humidity levels. The dehumidifier has a fan that draws in the air – that air then runs into cooled coils that remove its moisture and deposit it in an attached tank or down a drain.

Easy Use Whenever Wherever

Whether people have an extremely moist basement or a humid living room, there is NABAIDUN dehumidifier ready to fight dampness.

NABAIDUN home dehumidifiers come equipped with casters for convenient mobility, enabling the unit to be easily transported from room to room, providing treatment whenever and wherever it’s needed. This will allow people to buy one unit and use it strategically in people’s home, instead of buying multiple units designated for multiple areas in people’s home.

People may control the dehumidifier through the mobile phone APP, reducing the burden of manual operation. All functions can be remotely controlled: fan speed; humidity setting; 4 operation modes (standard / Auto / Laundry / sleeping).

Drains Continuously

The continuous mode is a good bet for really damp areas where around-the-clock moisture management is necessary, while a comfort mode allows the unit to adjust target humidity based on the ambient temperature of the space. There’s also a manual mode that lets people select the target humidity level and causes the unit to cycle on and off until meeting such conditions.

For a particularly damp areas dehumidifier, people will likely want to elect for continuous drainage operation. With a suitable drain nearby and the addition of a threaded hose, people can set this dehumidifier up to drain itself-preventing people from needing to empty the somewhat limited 1.2-gallon water tank.

Removing Moisture while Improving Air Quality

NABAIDUN 50 pints dehumidifier for home equipped with a washable dust filter which can help to rid people’s home of allergens, bacteria, mold and smells.

The dehumidifier circulates the air through the filter and strips out the contaminants that are floating around during the dehumidification process. This includes microscopic particles such as dust, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and more.

After a month, people will find that the filter is covered with dirt. It is easy to clean under the faucet. Wash the air filter once a month can maintaining people’s home’s ideal air quality.

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