Transformational Coach Satu Mariana Announces New Book and Digital Product That Helps Women to Overcome Effects of Past Pain, Trauma and Negative Response Patterns

British and Finnish mother of 2, Satu Mariana, wants to help women transform their negative response patterns with her 30-day brain training challenge

Transformational Coach Satu Mariana Eleftheropoulou announces her book titled “Healed by Self- Love: How to Train Your Brain to Be Happy with Holistic Approach to Mind, Body and Soul.” The book provides a roadmap and information on how women can identify past trauma triggers and teach their brain to embrace  healing and letting go.

She will also be releasing a digital product, “The 30 Day Train Your Brain to Be Happy Challenge”, on the 28th of June, 2021. The challenge was inspired by the book and offers steps to help women regain control of their thoughts and  negative response patterns.

Past trauma has an effect on the human brain resulting in repeating and negative response patterns that do not serve. This is an invitation to learn a holistic process with practical techniques that will help to repattern the trauma response and break the repeating loop . 

Satu Mariana’s book and the 30 Day Train Your Brain to Be Happy Challenge will provide the tools and resources to help women understand the origin and meaning of the old pattern. It will also help them recognize what’s a driving  belief behind a trauma trigger and response. As participants increase their empathic self awareness, they realize their true value and power and gain self-acceptance and -belief. 

The challenge will  help participants develop the skills to rewire an old pattern by choosing one suitable pattern. They will get daily support from Satu Mariana in achieving this, along with the holistic and clear steps they will learn from the challenge.

This holistic challenge teaches a process that can create a positive change for those who commit to steps and tasks. The challenge will help a participant to create new positive response patterns and habits that ripple positive effects on their life. 

Satu Mariana, the Founder of Northern Life Coaching, want to use the book and challenge to inspire women to embrace self-love and regain their mental power. She’s a Transformationa Coach with many qualifications, such as Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and BACP registered counsellor. She has many years of experience in working and helping people discover their innate wisdom and power, which has helped transform their lives. 

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Satu Mariana provides transformational  coaching for those wanting to break free from old limiting patterns and beliefs and realize  their true power and healing wisdom inside. The UK-based coach  offers services online delivered through video tutorials, email and social media support, digital products, and online coaching.

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