Introducing Human Synthesys Studio, A Cloud-Based Humatar Video Creation

VIDSociety announces the introduction of Human Synthesys Studio, an advanced text to speech and humatar creation software.

Human Synthesys Studio, Humatar is a video creation software that uses real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software. The technology can be used to create real conversations through real spokespersons that can say whatever is typed.

Human Synthesys Studio adds real humans, also known as “Humatars” that actually read your script while showing themselves in the video says the spokesperson for VID Society. “With this technology, you don’t have to show your face on camera or hear your voice on camera, if you don’t like to do it. With its highly advanced Artificial Intelligence and Humatars, Human Synthesys Studio will do it all for you in a highly efficient manner.”

According to the company, Humatars may sound like an avatar but they are genuine human beings who speak and pose for long periods, even 10 hours at times. The AI technology is then applied to analyze tens of thousands of videos to get the lip-sync perfect.

According to the human synthesis studio review, this is a whole new experience that takes video sounds to another level. The revolutionary lip-synching technology creates stunning lifelike facial movements, making it easy for creators to use real professional actors in their videos.

The technology is user-friendly and doesn’t involve any learning curve. It has a simple editing interface and is loaded with a background and an audio bank. There is a huge choice of spokespersons that users can tap into for achieving the desired results.

Humatars is the easiest and most effective way of getting a professional spokesperson for videos. Clients can use the spokesperson service industry to get the human voice they want for their videos. It saves them time and money.

Users of this technology can also combine real humans with text-to-speech effortlessly and get them to say exactly what they want with quality that’s unrivaled in the industry and as real as humanly possible.

Humatars make it possible to achieve a few things that were considered impractical and impossible to achieve until now. Some of the key features are:

  • Boost conversions with real humans
  • No need to be on camera
  • No need to record voice
  • Seamless AI and cloud-based video
  • Unlimited Video Asset Editing
  • Repurpose videos from one language to many others
  • Enhanced template design and management 

​One of the other unique features of the Humatar platform is the “Talking Head” video. The Human Studio Synthesys platform offers 20 high-quality avatars. They can be used for producing spokesperson videos in the form of full profile avatars or circular avatars. 

The fast voice-over process is a feature that offers synthetic voices of the highest quality and variety. Users have to just type their text and hear the result in real-time. 

The platform also offers the convenience of fast corrections and re-edits. Businesses can have many takes and scripts to test how they work and adjust them, all within a few minutes. 

According to one Human Synthesys studio review, it is simple to create multi-lingual videos using this platform. All people need is a good script and they can translate the same in any of the 40 plus supported languages quickly and generate high-quality multi-lingual videos. 

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About VIDSociety: 

VID Society presents Humatar, the Human Synthesys Studio, advanced video-creation software that is one-of-its-kind in many ways. The system seamlessly combines real humans, real human voices, and text-to-speech software to create real conversations through real spokespersons. Users can get their favorite celebrities to be their spokespersons and lip-sync to say whatever is typed.

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