Hapinese bends the landscape of the social media world

Hapinese launches an all-around hybrid platform that blends Happiness goals within a social network.

The original purpose of social media platforms was to provide an easy and accessible connection between its users. Over the years, the focus group of the majority of platforms became consumers rather than users as digital marketing came into the picture. 

On the other hand, Hapinese, as a company, wants to get rid of ads and unwanted content and bring back the functionalities and simple features into the digital world and let the users customize them based on their interests. 

As an app, Hapinese utilizes innovative algorithms that analyze the habits and various tendencies of the user, offering different suggestions to each user instead of creating focus groups and harassing the users with ads based on specific keywords and key phrases. 

Hapinese’s matching mechanism relies on user feedback to pinpoint persons, objects, and locations of interest. This concept is based on individual users and their chosen interests.

Mehran Java, the creator of Happiness App, researched and studied well-being and happiness for years and acknowledges the importance of social media and how it affects people’s everyday lives, and that’s why he created an alternative that has all the good features without the bad stuff.

“A platform that its first and main priority is to increase the level of happiness in its users and the social feature of it can come into play only and only if it falls under user’s interests,” Mehran pointed out. 

More than four years of research concluded that the functionalities of the Hapinese app should revolve around fun experiences, traveling, weekday activities, and weekend plans as they contribute significantly to happiness.

While inventing an actual replacement for the social network may be impossible due to the deeply-rooted habits of the majority of the population, he instead ventured to construct a platform that people can migrate to, which would eliminate the shortcomings of leading social media – privacy infringements and targeted ads and is determined to create a global community of individuals who are looking for a healthy, enjoyable digital spot to call home. 

“Hapinese also deeply cares about the user’s privacy, so it suggests the best way to keep things private along the way if it was not chosen otherwise by the user.” Mehran’s statement regarding privacy is a crucial step towards a safe social network and fun experiences.  

While the vast majority of social network platforms have unlimited access to their users’ private information, Hapinese does not. Instead, the users are periodically asked questions regarding their plans, tendencies, and habits. These questions can be ignored and the algorithms bypassed by users who are only interested in using the social media aspect of the app.  

Hapinese is currently in its beta stage and is steadily growing. Downloading the app is based on personal invites by the administrative staff. Applications can be filed on the Hapinese official website. 

Mehran announced that the official stable version will become available over time – the invite-based concept will be replaced by traditional registration as soon as Hapinese enters the alpha launching stage. 

For more information, please visit: https://hapinese.com/

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