Mike Savas Recipe for a Midlife Crisis Awakening. 12 Countries. 12 Months. 12 Skills.

Adventurer Mike Savas is on a global mission to embrace the transformative power of travel. The goal: to reject his “midlife crisis” in favour of a Midlife Awakening, all the while inspiring others to discover purpose-driven experiences near and far.

Surfing in Costa Rica, salsa in Colombia, solo sailing in France, free diving in the Bahamas. These are just four of the twelve new skill sets Mike Savas, an adventure travel and entertainment industry veteran, is dedicated to learning throughout his Month in the Making project, under the banner of a personal Midlife Awakening

12 Countries. 12 Months. 12 Skills. Savas has culminated a sense of character that has made him the perfect candidate for such an undertaking throughout his 15+ years of entrepreneurship. Under the banner of his company Parea Present (formerly Superfan Live), he has navigated the globe with powerhouse musicians and changemakers such as Oprah, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, and Katy Perry to name a few, creating once-in-a-life backstage experiences for their fans; he is also the co-founder of the Adventure Factory, which curates extraordinary adventures in the most extreme corners of the world, as well as Adventurers for Change, an organization dedicated to providing immediate humanitarian relief in areas affected by natural disasters and other crises.

With a catalogue of amazing adventures, and humanitarian goals as a constant motivating force, Savas has literally been on the move for over twenty years, rightfully earning his title as Savas-On-The-Go. With the onset of Covid-19, the indefinite halt in live events and touring, and his 40th birthday just around the corner, Savas clearly felt what could be called a classic mid-life crisis on the horizon, and decidedly approached this uncertain period of his life with the positive mindset to make it his “Midlife Awakening.” This is how Month in The Making was born: an adventure of his own, a childhood dream come to fruition, but most of all, a challenge for the body and the mind.

“Everyone has the power to curate experiences for themselves that can expand and improve their lives, whether they’re traveling the world or not”, says Savas. “Month in the Making conveys this message and inspiration through the experiences we share with an assemblage of people, cultures, and skills – all while showing how you can give back along the way.

In fact, for each destination he visits, Savas is not only engaging in daily intensive training with local masters of a skill representative of that country, but he’s also promoting local NGO’s, community-based projects, and climate-conscious travel that deals responsibly with carbon emissions (in particular through his participation in Tomorrow’s Air, the world’s first-ever carbon removal collective for travellers). 

After Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil and the Bahamas, Savas has just completed the fifth month of Month in the Making in Kenya, where he trained as a conservation ranger. His daily schedule included tracking techniques, action drills, biodiversity interpretation, data collection and other activities aimed at protecting and monitoring wildlife. 

With just a couple of intermediary weeks to organize his fundraising activities (the next one will be a LoopCast on June 29, to contribute to turtle conservation efforts in Costa Rica), he will soon be venturing off on his next endeavour – this time for a solo-sailing adventure in France. Subsequently, he will make his way from Italy to Egypt, with the continent of Asia being his final destination, the land where prophets and travellers have found their own Awakening throughout the centuries. But one thing is perhaps already clear to Savas: the Awakening is only found along the way, day by day, in leaving our comfort zone and engaging in new challenges, with the dedication of an athlete and the enthusiasm of a child.

Month in the Making can be followed on YouTube and Instagram.

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