Mancave Pillow Offers a Comfortable Way to Keep Drinks Cold & TV Remote Handy The nearly sold-out pillow acts as a plushy cooler with enough cup holders for two cold drinks

Los Angeles, CA – June 21, 2021 – A recent pillow product is innovating the way TV watchers relax during their binge-watching. The Mancave Pillow, also known as My TV Pillow, combines a durable water resistant cushion with two neoprene cup holders. Colors come in either red or blue, and its use as a mobile cup holder makes it convenient for when a table or nightstand is out of immediate reach. The product is exclusively sold on the Mancave Pillow website and is not available for purchase on online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

Each ManCave Pillow is designed, finished, and delivered from the U.S. As for its features, the fabric blend is conveniently resistant to water or stains, and comes in two colors: red or blue. Since the pillow flaunts two cup holders in its center, the fabric’s resistant material is perfect for maintaining itself through any spills or condensation from cold drinks and snacks. They are perfect for holding any bottled and canned drinks while keeping them cool, but it can always be used to hold other items like snacks, TV remotes, and phones. The cup holders are separately made from authentic neoprene material for even more liquid resistance. The durability and waterproof nature of neoprene, which is commonly found in the makeup of scuba gear, will keep bottles or cans cold without leaving any moisture behind on the pillow’s surface. The sturdy design and convenience also make for a great addition to on-the-go leisure, such as camping or travelling with an RV. Lastly, sports-inspired text is printed across each side of the cup holders, one side reading “AUTHENTIC MAN CAVE” and the other, “COLD DRINKS SERVED HERE.”

A unique benefit to the ManCave Pillow is its use as a mobile cup holder. Rather than reaching for a drink on a nightstand a few feet away, customers can place the pillow right beside them so that it is within inches of their reach. Foldable chairs with no cup holder pose no issue – customers can just place the Mancave Pillow on their lap and store their food, drink, or phone in the neoprene pockets. Picnicking can be a little more comfortable too, allowing users to relax on one side of the pillow while the other end secures any drinks or snacks.

The ManCave Pillow has branded itself as the ideal addition to any man cave or TV room. This is seen in its simple-yet-practical design, which includes a water-resistant fabric blend and deep neoprene cup holders. Current customers have left glowing reviews thus far, remarking the convenience it has added to their man caves and on-the-go excursions. The cup holders have been praised for keeping beers cold, providing a pocket for two people’s drinks at a time, and being extremely useful during outdoor activities like road tripping or camping. The ManCave Pillow’s host of loyal customers and reasonable $19.95 price point is quickly giving credit to the product’s motto: “The TV Pillow Everyone’s Talking About!”

To take a look at the ManCave Pillow’s list of features or to make a quick purchase, prospective customers can visit the product’s website: The pillow measures 15” by 15” and poses a two-order limit for each order.

For a quick wrap-up of its key features, the ManCave Pillow offers: two genuine neoprene pockets and a water-resistant fabric to keep drinks cold and snug, red and blue color variations, overlying sports-inspired text on the surface, and its versatile use as a mobile cup holder. Other items like remotes, phones, or a small bag of chips can always be stored inside the pockets as well. The design, finishing, and shipping of the Mancave Pillow is all carried out in the U.S.

The owner of Mancave Pillow, Morton Mittenthal, has commented on his product’s popularity: “This is undoubtedly a must-have for any man cave, sports lounge, and just about any area with a TV in it. It’s so versatile – some customers even find that their favorite use for it is outside the house at a tailgating party. That’s the charm of the ManCave Pillow. It’s a comfortable throw pillow, two-drink cooler, and nap buddy all rolled into one.”

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Mancave Pillow, also known as My TV Pillow, has a five-star rating from its roster of customers with a playful product design and reasonable rate of $19.95. The product is not available on the Amazon shopping platform. Sales for the Mancave Pillow are exclusive to the website,

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