Smile More Confidently and Effortlessly With Smile Buddy™

Smile Buddy™ introduces a safe, effective, and hassle-free way of cleaning and organizing removable dental appliances.

Wearing aligners, retainers, mouth guards, and dentures has proven to have done wonders to people’s smiles and overall oral health. And for those who want to improve their smiles, these dental appliances are considered to be really good investments, showing visible results in a matter of months or years. However, getting a pair of new aligners and retainers is the easiest part of achieving that beautiful smile. What’s more challenging is having to constantly maintain them.

Many people with removable dental appliances struggle with keeping them sanitized and organized. For the most part, cleaning them can be very tedious, inconvenient, and time consuming – which is why it’s not surprising that a lot of people fail in this aspect. Smile Buddy™ is aware of the possible negative effects that can be caused by not properly cleaning orthodontic appliances. In fact, failing to keep them sanitized can cause bad bacteria to reside and accumulate in the mouth, which actually does more damage to the teeth (and the wallet) in the long run.

So, in order to maximize one’s smile and at the same time address and prevent these dental issues from happening in the first place, Smile Buddy™ developed a new approach to successfully and safely sanitize, brighten, and store dental appliances in just minutes a day – with less effort and worries. Smile Buddy™’s team of industry experts, dental specialists, and dental patients – who believe that safely sanitizing, brightening, and storing dental appliances should be extremely easy for everyone – was able to come up with a line of innovative sterilizing and whitening products that are suitable for people of age who have oral appliances. “Smile Buddy™ is the perfect complement to your smile,” says the team behind Smile Buddy™.

Its flagship product, The Smile Buddy™ Oral Appliance Sterilizer, is a portable container that is designed specifically to clean aligners like Invisalign® and Smile Direct Club, retainers, mouth and night guards, sleep apnea devices, dentures, whitening trays, and other oral devices in a just a matter of minutes – 150 seconds, to be exact!

With its potent UVC disinfectants, The Smile Buddy™ Oral Appliance Sterilizer makes a great investment for one’s smile and oral health – killing 99.9% of microorganisms, mold, fungi, and bacteria and eliminating what simply cleaned with just water and regular soap or toothpaste. It has easily become a favorite, receiving outstanding reviews from customers, making it Smile Buddy™’s best-selling product.

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About Smile Buddy™

Smile Buddy™ offers the world’s first line of dental specialist-approved, multi-action dental appliance sterilizers, specifically designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses all while leaving the teeth brighter and whiter than ever.

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