Best Free VPN to Guarantee Cybersecurity while Using the Messenger App

Messenger is the second most used messaging app in 2020 with over 1.3 billion users globally, just behind WhatsApp with 2 billion active users. Its affiliation with the world’s most acclaimed social media platform, Facebook, is the main reason for the app’s popularity. 

With Facebook’s association, the users of the said social media are contrived to download the Messenger app to be able to read and send chat messages to other Facebook users.

Although very accessible and user-friendly, Messenger has been subjected to several qualms because of the lack of security features. Messages are unencrypted, making conversations visible to third parties in cyberspace.

One prevalent issue of the Messenger app is targeted advertising. For example, one user in the chat conversation talked about an item and sent a picture of it to the user on the receiving end, the sender will then be bombarded with ads that are related to the photo, whether it be on Facebook or on Messenger.

The lack of privacy is causing a huge alarm to internet users. That’s why some people are switching to other alternatives like Viber and Telegram which have a messaging encryption feature.

However, several internet users could not do this kind of switch as the majority of chat conversations are on the Messenger app and it would bring lots of hassle for these people to change the avenue for messaging.

Fortunately, there is one way to solve this dilemma: by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The Power of a VPN

With a VPN on hand, the user is assured of cybersecurity. What a VPN does is sets up a secured connection between the user’s device and the internet. In effect, the data traffic of the user will go through the encrypted virtual tunnel curated by the VPN service. This process conceals the IP address and changes it with a new one, depending on the server location that the user has picked.

By hiding the IP address, the internet user’s information is hidden to third parties such as website cookies, cyberhackers, internet providers, and even the government. Every online activity of the user is concealed which leads to online user privacy.

Granting that, finding a VPN that suits a user’s lifestyle is difficult, even overwhelming, as there are plenty of VPN services available in the virtual market. Plus, VPNs can come off quite expensive as several paid VPNs offer lots of special features, while some free VPN apps are treacherous.

Good thing, though, there is a free VPN app that could guarantee internet users’ cybersecurity, GoingVPN.

GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth so that every user is protected at any given time as it has no expiration.

As for this free VPN app’s speed, users would not have to worry as it has a built-in lightning-speed technology to help the user’s device perform better. This feature also helps the internet to keep up with the normal speed, instead of decreasing it.

Not to mention, GoingVPN commits the best kind of cybersecurity to internet users for its tight encryption process. No one can keep track and record every online data and activity, not even the VPN service.

So, desisting cyber issues that threaten online safety and privacy is possible with the best free VPN app. Every Messenger app user would be able to chat with anyone else without the apprehension of someone lurking around the conversations.

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