Discusses What Should Buyers Know About a Home Warranty? Discusses What Should Buyers Know About a Home Warranty?

When individuals purchase a home, they do not expect things to go wrong soon after moving in. Unfortunately, homeownership is not without its ups and downs, and unexpected issues can happen. The heating system could go out in the middle of winter or the dishwasher could suddenly stop working. Without a home warranty, homeowners could find themselves in a financial dilemma. To learn more about home warranties and how they work, continue to read and click this link.

What Is a Home Warranty?

Many homeowners become confused when they hear about home warranties. They mistakenly believe a warranty is an insurance policy, but it is not. A home warranty is considered a service contract that covers the costs of repair or replacement of certain items in a home. While a home warranty will not cover structural aspects of the home, it does cover electrical, plumbing, major appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems. 

What Should Homeowners Know?

Before purchasing a home warranty, homeowners first need to understand the terms of these service contracts. A home warranty is designed to cover items that are in good condition when the homeowner takes over ownership, according to They do not cover every aspect of a home.

The costs of home warranties range in price, depending on the age of the home and its size. Those who want to purchase enhanced coverage will pay more than standard coverage warranties. Aside from the yearly premiums, homeowners will need to pay a small fee for service calls, depending on the warranty purchased and the type of contract. Homeowners need to be aware of the Pros of Getting a Home Warranty so they will be prepared to make the right decision. 

What Are the Benefits of Home Warranties?

 A Home warranty offers buyers many benefits. Instead of jumping into purchasing a warranty plan, buyers first need to weigh the pros and cons and the costs. The following are some of the biggest benefits of purchasing a home warranty. 

  • One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a warranty is peace of mind. Homeowners know with warranty coverage, they will not have to worry if something breaks down or stops working because the repairs will be covered. Having this warranty takes away a lot of stress. 

  • Home warranty plans are helpful for homeowners who do not have emergency funds available. Without emergency funds, unexpected repair issues can be devastating. These warranties help provide for the unexpected. 

  • Another benefit of purchasing a home warranty is the ability to purchase enhanced coverage for things like swimming pools and hot tubs. Having this extra warranty coverage ensures the main aspects of the home are covered. Coverage can be purchased regardless of the age of the home.

Thankfully, there is the option of purchasing a home warranty. Using a company like
First American Home Warranty can be a welcome relief when things go wrong in the home.

When homeowners purchase home warranties, they can rest assured their out-of-pocket costs will be low and their peace of mind high.

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