Promotes Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Other Styles That Have Withstood the Test of Time Promotes Aviator Sunglasses for Men and Other Styles That Have Withstood the Test of Time

Sunglasses are essential accessories for driving and enjoying time outdoors. While the first examples of sun-blocking eyewear arose during the 1100s, they’ve certainly come a long way since the initial rudimentary frames encasing pieces of smoked quartz from centuries ago. Today, sunglasses come in countless styles and colors with endless variations of protective features.

Looking at the Most Popular Styles of Sunglasses for Men

There’s no end to the colors and styles of sunglasses available on store shelves these days. One can find something for everyone ranging in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some designer brands sell for even more. One can click this link to learn more about sunglasses, but for now, we’ll go over some of the enduring, widely recognized styles that get the most attention.

Aviator Glasses

First arising during the 1930s, aviator glasses are among at least 11 Pairs of Sunglasses That Won’t Go Out of Style. As the name indicates, they were originally designed to protect pilots’ eyes. Of course, the style quickly spread to the civilian world where it has remained for 90 years and will probably endure for another century.

Wayfarer Glasses

Another time-honored style is the wayfarer. It hit the market during the 1950s and is still making a name for itself. It’s one style that essentially looks good on everyone and melds well with virtually any clothing style according to and other sources. Wayfarers aren’t limited to certain types of occasions, either. They’re fine for casual, formal, and everything in between.

Round Glasses

Many people know round sunglasses as John Lennon glasses because he’s one of the stars that originally brought them into the spotlight. While they’re considered a vintage style, they haven’t lost their luster in the modern world. Whether going for a steampunk vibe or a laid-back look, round glasses will fill the bill.

Notched-Bridge Glasses

Numerous brands From Persol to Moscot, 11 Pairs of Sunglasses That Won’t Go Out of Style and beyond have marketed notched-bridge sunglasses over the years. They came into fame during the 1960s and are obviously here to stay. In a way, they resemble some of the earliest sunglasses to be created from centuries ago. Still, today’s varieties feature plenty of modern spins to keep them up to date.

Clear-Framed Glasses

Sunglasses can be made of a variety of materials. A couple of the most popular are metals and plastics. When it comes to clear-framed glasses, plastics are the obvious choice. Many people insist that clear frames are wonderful because they take the focus off of the style of the sunglasses and emphasize the lenses themselves. Besides, they match everything.

Mirrored Lenses

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses continue to gain steam among men of all ages. One can find these types of lenses paired with virtually every frame style imaginable. They’re also available from a range of suppliers, such as Randolph USA.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses Styles 

Those are only a few of the sunglasses styles on the market today. They’ve withstood the test of time and remained at the tops of the popularity charts. Whether one goes with one of the classics or branches out in a new direction, be sure the style chosen is comfortable, offers the eye protection one is looking for, and blends with one’s own personality.

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