The Gary Revel Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Los Angeles, CA – June 21, 2021 – The deaths of JFK, his brother Bobby, and the formidable, iconic, Dr. Martin Luther King are set in stone, right? 

Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan, Sirhan and James Earl Ray did it… right? 

“Not so!” writes acclaimed author Gary Revel in his soul searching, time proven book, TO LIVE OR MAYBE NOT and theme song, They Slew the Dreamer” available from Amazon Books and iTunes. 

Historically accurate and often an “edge of your seat, “first person, up-close account,” Revel’s work sets the record straight… 


A “Whodunit” of extraordinary vim and vigor, Revel’s book (and song) is compelling and unforgettable!

Taking you backstage of the dramatic yet terrifying walls of the infamous Brushy Mountain Prison of East Tennessee, Revel walks and talks with the much written about (yet unconvincingly) scurrilous, historic scapegoat, James Earl Ray. What unfolds will both anger and frustrate you. “Why haven’t we heard this before?” 

In January, 1977, Gary was asked to investigate the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. It happened in the law office of Jack Kershaw in Nashville, Tennessee. The paperwork of another investigation was he had been working on was on his desk. 

Jack walked over from his side of the room, (Jack and Gary shared Jack’s office) and said, “Your experience in covert investigations is going to pay off on this one.” 

“Oh really,” Gary said, not amused. This was a dangerous and touchy subject. 

“Yes,” Jack continued, “I want you to get to the truth of the King Killing, you know, Martin Luther King Jr.” 

“That’s a monster of a case to wrangle with.” Gary replied. 

“You bet it is, but I know you, and I know you can handle it.” Jack finished.

A month later Gary was sitting in a conference room inside the gothic looking walls of Brushy Mountain Prison, Tennessee, talking to James Earl Ray, the supposed killer of MLK. 

James told his story. The real one, the one he was afraid to tell lawyers, the FBI, or anyone he thought may be connected with the government. Gary was operating as an undercover special investigator, although associated with the House Select Committee on Assassinations and Attorney Jack Kershaw. He was not working directly for anyone but myself.

James, whom Gary called Jimmy, and Gary both had some military experience, and both knew well the ‘Need to Know’ rules of military, intelligence and mafia organizations. Gary had that advantage and they mutually respected the conundrum at hand and they respected their quest for the truth. 

Jimmy knew he was a dead man if he told the truth to anyone who would get it back to killers, or even to those associated with them. When he became a made Mafia member, in New Orleans, by the hand of Carlos Marcello, the most important thing he learned was ‘Omerta’, the oath of secrecy.

A sign over the desk of Mob-boss Marcello spoke the truism of it. It read “3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead.” 

What Gary learned, from that meeting and many other meetings, confrontations, near death experiences of himself and family members, and murder of his brother and others, was: James Earl Ray did not shoot and kill Martin Luther King Jr. 

Jimmy told Gary that E. Howard Hunt ran the assassination team that killed MLK.

It was in Canada, a few months after Jimmy’s (managed) escape from prison in Missouri, that he met Hunt and Mafia-Boss Lucien Sarti. 

Sarti was the Mafia’s man in Canada. He ran the mob throughout Canada and the border of the US and Canada. The Heroin Pipeline provided much of that business. It originated in Burma, traveling down the Mekong River, through the US Military controlled, Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean and to the coasts of the Americas. Italian organized crime families, some called Cosa Nostra, were making over $30 billion a year from the sales of the Heroin. 

The Vietnam War was the perfect cover. They could not afford for anything to disturb their enterprise. 

On April 4, 1967, MLK spoke against the Vietnam War, at the Riverside Church in New York. On April 4, 1968, King was shot dead on the balcony of the Lorraine, Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Those are the basic facts, of the investigation and principles of Gary’s story. The intrigue, danger, perplexing associations and events related to the entire matter, are all the essence of Gary’s reality.

History winces at this. The truth has been abused for so long. Many have died because they sought the same truth, he sought. 

Even the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which Gary worked in association with-to some extent, concluded, there was a conspiracy in the assassination of MLK. Gary found that to be true but went further, saying “James Earl Ray was not the shooter, nor was he a knowing participant in the killing”.

TO LIVE OR MAYBE NOT, is available on Amazon Book, my song, THEY SLEW THE DREAMER, is on iTunes, Amazon Music, etc. and the movie is in development and may be in a theater near you later this year or next year (hopefully). They Slew The Dreamer: MLK The Gary Revel Story is the movie that is in development which will finally tell the whole story of Gary’s MLK investigation. 

To hear Revel’s song (with the option to download it), please visit: They Slew the Dreamer – Gary Revel.

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