Arken Corp redefines the creative and digital marketing industry as the top brand in Indonesia

Arken Corp is bent on redefining the creative and digital marketing industry as it scaled up efforts to help business owners successfully start, build, and scale their brands locally and internationally.

Arken Corp is a strategic marketing partner and agency in Palembang, Indonesia, which has led the pack to satisfy digital marketing services and act as an all-in-one creative & tech solution.

“We deliver all digital marketing needs — from web developing, copywriting, to implementing social media and internet marketing strategies efficiently, effectively, and profitably,” says Alfredo Ryelcius, writer, senior software engineer, COO & Co-Founder of Arken Corp.

The company has employed top professionals who are SEO & SEM experts, design & UX specialists, branding masterminds, brilliant engineers, and experienced digital marketers with over $1 million total in client and personal budget ad-spend.

Ariel Chandra, Founder & CEO of Arken Corp, says the company has helped multiple business owners to start, build, and scale their brands in many industries, selling products in various niches. 

“Through paid advertising, we have successfully increased the ROI of the small, medium, and large enterprises by 2-3x in half the industry-standard time,” says Chandra, also a Full-stack SEO practitioner and engineer.  

Serving all industries  

Arken Corp serves a wide array of industry sectors, including Education, where it creates tailored user journeys for educational institutions and service providers, and the financial services sector, helping simplify all things money such as superannuation, banking, and investments. 

It is ahead of the pack in serving the health sector through user-friendly digital platforms for providers of health products and services and E-Commerce & Retail, where it helps boost sales through intuitive digital branding and soulful assets.

Arken also leads the way in serving the Manufacturing sector, Government, Property & Construction, Charities and Non-Profits, Tourism & Hospitality, and Professional Services. 

To help businesses excel at digital transformation, Arken utilizes innovative tech platform solutions including Kentico Xperience, Umbraco, Monsido, Content Acoustic, Siteimprove, Sitecore, Contentful, Jamstack, Optimizely (Episerver), and HubSpot. 

“Unlike other traditional agencies, the founders of the agency are not your ordinary digital marketers but also engineers and tech people,” says Jeremy Kane, a Computer Scientist himself and current Chief Technology Officer of Arken Corp. 

“We want to revolutionize the digital world by providing technological solutions to our partners through optimizing in many digital platforms,” adds Kane, also a co-founder of the company.

Boosting social media presence

Among Arken Corp’s top services include Social media branding, Social media advertising, and Social media marketing, where its team runs digital advertising campaigns to scale brands aggressively and profitably. It also provides top-notch Social media management, producing the best design and content for your social media.

It has been the top choice for Influencer marketing services, a type of social media marketing that utilizes endorsements and product mentions from so-called “influencers,” those with a massive social following and are seen as authorities within their niche.  

Arken Corp leads the pack in helping businesses and entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to build authentic relationships with their audience on digital platforms with services that include Facebook advertising, Facebook marketing, Instagram advertising, and Instagram marketing.

“As Facebook and Instagram remain as the big guys on campus, their sheer number of users makes it excellent for businesses to boost their visibility. Arken Corp has got you covered on that,” the representative added.

Arken Corp also helps build efficient content strategies to address a brand’s goals and audience preferences through effective content planning.

Website development, SEO efforts 

Companies looking for website development services could also turn to Arken Corp for help. Its team of professionals takes care of all the work — from creating a single plain-text webpage to developing a complex web application or even E-commerce website development. 

The company has also boosted its Search engine marketing efforts, helping businesses improve the quality and quantity of traffic to their websites from search engines.  

Arken Corp has helped many SMB and entrepreneurs start their brands and professionals increase their presence using proprietary branding & digital marketing strategies. 

Arken has successfully scaled hundreds of established brands & corporations in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and Overseas. Its method is almost always guaranteed to bring a 2-3x increase in revenue in half the industry standard time.

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