Spicy Broccoli Celebrates Another Year of Helping to Save the World

Spicy Broccoli Celebrates Another Year of Helping to Save the World
This World Environment Day we take a look at our own sustainable practices and how we continue to strive towards a greener tomorrow in the digital marketing landscape.

Manly Vale, NSW – 22nd June, 2021 – In honour of World Environment Day, on June the 5th (which also happens to be Turtle Races Day) which we’re also celebrating. Spicy Broccoli pledges to continue the fight to make a positive impact on this crazy, awesome world.

Since its beginnings, our Spicy Broccoli founders have always held a soft spot on environmental issues.

“It’s not good enough to have a successful business. In terms of sustainability as a digital marketing agency, it is vital to do our part on an individual level, but businesses can make a big impact as well,’’ said Founder Sarah Taylor.

“We like to align ourselves with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing great things, have great ideas, and that are socially responsible,” she said.

Here are some ways Spicy Broccoli Media continues to work together on creating a sustainable digital agency:

• We plant a tree for every client to offset any emissions we call this initiative, Spicy Goes Green.

• We use the least amount of paper in the office possible using recycled paper and generic recycled toner

• We literally got LIT, replacing all our fluorescent lights with energy efficient LED’s. We’ve seen a 15% reduction in our power usage since then (Woohoo!)

• We also provide our employees flexible work schedules that help decrease congestion on roads during peak times and encourage people to walk, skateboard and use public transport.

The Sydney based social media agency has also made the conscious choice to work with small businesses and startups that are also on a mission to make the world a better place.

Whether it’s branding for your new product, a social media strategy and digital marketing plan for your e-commerce business or a full website makeover, get in touch with the Spicy Broccoli team now to see how we can help you grow your business. 

About Spicy Broccoli

Spicy Broccoli Media is a Sydney graphic design and social media agency specialising in branding and creative for small businesses. Spicy Broccoli Media delivers the highest quality in creative design, web solutions, social media and digital marketing for fun, inspiring business owners.

We love helping good businesses doing great things who are ready to take their industry by storm with creative branding and ethical digital marketing. Our services include branding, web design, social media, and digital marketing.

We pride ourselves in providing a friendly studio environment where people can pop in and have a face to face chat in plain English while swinging in an egg chair. 

Our philosophy is all about making a positive impact on the world, one business at a time.

In a world where automation and digital communication are taking over, the last thing we want is to pump out more “noise.” What we bring to the table is infectious enthusiasm. We aren’t afraid to take risks because we have the experience that underpins our decisions. We know that cut-through is more important than pleasing everyone.

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