360 Smart Life Group and Newegg Reach Cooperation for the North American Market

360 Smart Life Group was recently invited to attend the first China (Xiamen) Global Cross Border E-commerce Expo where they reached cooperation with Newegg, the North American e-commerce giant and became one of the first technology brands to join. This move will enable high-quality cross-border products to enter foreign markets faster and allow users in the North American market to share 360 Smart Life’s high-quality products and services.

The Newegg platform has been growing in North America for 20 years. Developed economies like the United States, Canada, and other North American regions have strong customer purchasing power, high online shopping penetration rate, and very mature logistics and payment systems. This all adds up to a great market development potential. After the cooperation between the two parties, 360 Smart Life Group will be able to obtain special zone display support, localized technical support and operational support from the Newegg platform. These benefits will help 360 Smart Life better promote the development of cross-border business.

In addition, 360 Smart Life can also take advantage of Newegg’s video program, Newegg Now, to regularly recommend quality goods and promotional campaigns to online consumers in North America by engaging foreign web celebrities to increase brand exposure. Moreover, with the help of a web celebrity live streaming channel, it aims to realize the accumulation of users, constantly launch a series of products and campaigns that users are interested in and increase the loyalty between the brand and users.

With the construction of the world’s Internet of Things, cross-border shopping has become easier and easier. Through cross-border e-commerce platforms, people can easily buy overseas products and enjoy quality products from all over the world without leaving the comforts of home. Influenced by the COVID-19 epidemic, contact-free online purchases have becoming the preferred way of shopping. In addition, the economic downturn has also made people more aware of their shopping experience. It is not hard to imagine that after the cooperation between 360 Smart Life and Newegg, North American consumers will be provided with a wide range of products at favorable prices.

On the road of cross-border e-commerce, 360 Smart Life Group constantly challenges itself, embraces new opportunities, vigorously explores hot-selling categories, researches potential products, and strives to achieve the growth of the number of users and improve the international competitive advantage of the brand.

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