Car Systems Installation Offering GNET Dash Cam Installation For Customers

Car Systems Installation Offering GNET Dash Cam Installation For Customers

One of the latest innovations in dashboard cameras are the GNET dash cams, which offer all the features drivers need in a dashboard camera to enhance people’s driving experience. There are many dashboard cameras available on the market today, and it’s very difficult to find the right option when you don’t know which specifications to look for.

Car Systems Installation has been offering the latest electronic upgrades to vehicles in Toronto. It recommends GNET dash cams to vehicle owners. Here’s what makes GNET dash cams the best choice for vehicles.

What makes GNET so special?

GNET dashboard cameras are fairly recent on the Canadian market, but the brand has quickly become known for having the most advanced products on the market. Here’s why these cameras are quickly becoming extremely popular amongst Canadian drivers:

The camera features the longest Wi-Fi range when compared to other aftermarket products, which makes it easy to connect with your home’s Wi-Fi. In addition to that, advanced GNET cameras provide the widest viewing angle with a 160 degree view in the front and 150 degree view in the back, which gives you the best possible overview of your surroundings. Other features include speech alerts, which are especially useful if you are unable to identify the issue from the start (regular beep alerts do not indicate what you should pay attention to).

Not only do GNET cameras look good, but also provide access to all the  footage through the easy-to-use GNET app. Plus, certain models, such as the GNET G – ON dash cam, have built in low battery prevention (the Intelligent Safe Guard function), which means it will cut off the power once it drops below a certain threshold to preserve battery life. In addition, advanced models feature real HDR, which shows clear recording quality no matter the time of the day. This comes especially handy during poor lighting conditions (night driving, tunnels and so on). In addition to various sophisticated enhancements, GNET cameras often provide added safety on the road with innovative lane departure assist and the forward collision system, to name a few.

The camera for every vehicle 

GNET dash cams are a great solution for Lyft, Uber, Taxi and all rideshares because of their ease of use and clear recordings. They are compatible with many vehicles. No matter if people are looking to install a dash cam for a BMW or Acura, they can find GNET a good option.  These cameras make it easier to record the vehicle’s surroundings regardless if the drivers are driving or not. The parking mode featured in certain models will keep everything recorded while the car is parked, so people can be sure they won’t miss anything. It can also be installed in vans, trucks and other large vehicles.

The benefits of GNET dash cameras are numerous, and if drivers are looking for the latest dashboard camera that will change their driving experience for the better, look no further than this highly advanced piece of technology.

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