HEALuxe Opens: A Holistic “Whole-Person” Skin Wellness Facial Bar. Partners with World-Renowned Seaweed Skin Care Authority Repêchage

HEALuxe stands for healing luxuriously. This means that healing can be luxurious yet holistic and affordable. Dr. Arlene Binoya-Strugar, HEALuxe founder and innovator, is super excited to finally open HEALuxe’s doors to everyone with skin, literally, for adults and teens. HEALuxe positions its products and services uniquely. It is an express and full service wellness facial bar, using evidence-based, holistic whole-person and skin nutrition in Hillsboro, OR. As an innovation and wellness researcher, Dr. Strugar is passionate about the “whole-person” approach in wellness, not only in lifestyle and fitness, but also in pro-aging and skin wellness. “As an outsider in the skin and cosmetic industry, I can objectively assess the gaps in the industry and the value that HEALuxe can offer. As a “whole-person” wellness coach, cognitive and sports and psychologist, innovations researcher, holistic nutritionist, and pro-aging advocate, I have found that in wellness everything is connected!

This is the value proposition of HEALuxe: To provide evidence-based skin nutrients and services, and to teach our clients proper skin nutrition using whole-person approaches. We will help them connect the dots using scientific lens and holistic “whole-person” education so that they can harness the synergistic benefits, make informed-decisions and benefit better from the natural, organic, plant-based, pro-aging services, cutting-edge innovation and products in the market today”, stated Dr. Strugar. She believes that skin wellness is beyond skin deep.

“It means that we need to take care of our inside and outside wellness to nurture our skin. Our skin glows and manifest from within. Mitochondrial nutrition is key from within to our epidermis. Our self-responsibility and love, breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, moving, and working, communicating, intimacy, finding meaning and last but not the least, transcending, are the piers of our overall wellness and lifestyle fitness. These are all the pillars of wellness that we need to focus on and embrace in our lives”, Dr. Strugar stated. We super excited and honored to be an exclusive facial bar partner with Repechage. The Repêchage difference is HEALuxe’s commitment to being the best in every aspect of the skin care business, from using the best, sustainably harvested, no chemical and preservatives, seaweed-based products to providing the most in-depth education and training. Repêchage means a “second chance” in French. Repechage is a second chance for beautiful skin. Repêchage is the seaweed skin authority for more than 40 years! Our Repêchage Four Layer Facial is voted “The Best Facial of the Century” by the Cosmopolitan, UK. A MUST TRY!

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