WeChimney is the Leading Provider of Chimney Removal and Repair Services in Ottawa, Ontario

WeChimney is the Leading Provider of Chimney Removal and Repair Services in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, ON – Since its inception, WeChimney has always been a lot of people’s preferred chimney service company in and around Ottawa. WeChimney is a top-rated chimney contractor dealing with the removal of chimney stacks or the entire structure. They also repair leaking chimneys. Their in-house qualified crew members are dedicated to offering quality chimney services safely and correctly on the first go.

The company’s chimney removal services target those looking for complete or stack chimney removal. Since their technicians are well-rounded, they can also provide roofing services afterward, including flashing, and shingle repairs.

Aside from offering their reliable chimney removal services, the Ottawa chimney removal company also has a section on its website where customers are educated about why the service is important. For instance, they point out that unused chimneys can lead to growing liabilities no one wants to experience. They advise it’s essential to remove the stack or the entire chimney as soon as possible to avoid increased liabilities on roofs by finding professionals for the task.

According to the top-rated Ottawa chimney repair professionals, unused chimneys allow moisture to penetrate the systems and cause damage. When this occurs, moisture will enter into the masonry leading to freezing and thawing, which causes the system to deteriorate and move into the bricks. This could result in a roof collapsing.

Additionally, WeChimney advises that removing unused and old chimneys helps increase property value by boosting its aesthetics. Leaking chimneys can be a turn-off for property buyers, especially when visible from the front of the building.  Removing chimneys also helps to create more space in one’s home, especially since the stack is fixed to the chimney section that extends beyond one’s house roofline. Removing it can create a useful space one never thought existed.

According to the professionals, chimneys should be removed from top to bottom, especially when one doesn’t want to compromise the chimney structure’s condition and prevent collapses and other unpredictable occurrences. They also state that chimneys should be removed brick by brick to control the process more effectively. One should also use hammers to loosen bricks and watch out for falls and other accidents. 

WeChimney also has a section dedicated to answering frequently asked questions to help beginners looking for chimney services. Some of the answered questions cover the chimney removal process in detail. However, while removing chimneys may seem like an easy task, WeChimney advises that people always seek professional services because technical elements need the hands of experts to avoid issues that may prove expensive down the line.

WeChimney is located at 900 Lady Ellen Place, Ottawa K1Z 5L5, ON. For reliable and professional chimney services, reach out to WeChimney by calling 613-604-0513 or visit their website for more information.

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