Brent Emerson Adds New Collection in Arizona Store that protects from Covid-19

The fashion industry and the trends that come out of it have been dictated by cultural events to a great extent. This past year has been no different. With the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic came a major switch in the wardrobe. Loungewears were replaced by workwear and high heels were replaced with comfortable slippers. Though people expected to see clothing companies shift over to the production of gloves and face masks, Brent Emerson says that he did not expect the rise of germ-fighting, fashionable clothes.

Antivirus clothing is the newest category that Arizona Store by Brent Emerson is implementing to appeal to apprehensive shoppers. From pants and jumpsuits to outerwear and jackets, these clothes are embedded with elements such as silver, zinc, copper, peppermint, and bamboo charcoal that are said to combat viruses that adhere to clothing.

Brent in his Arizona Store has recently promoted dresses that claim to kill any traces of Covid-19. Arizona Store has added new collection that evidently hinders viruses and kills bacteria on contact on the surface within a few minutes. Brent further states that his company is currently mass producing a collection of anti-microbial yarns that use advanced textile technology to attack germs and release ions advantageous to health. 

Brent Emersonsays that the theory of antimicrobial technology is not new. Essentially used to get rid of unattractive odor from workout clothing, brands use it to guard your leggings and inners against sweat-induced mildew, mold, and bacteria. Microbes like moist and warm environments, so the idea is to make the clothing less welcoming to organisms by repelling moisture.

That being said, antimicrobial clothing in addition to safety measures would not hurt, given that an individual is not allergic to the material it is made out of. Brent Emerson says that there are some of the favorite pieces in Arizona Store that are woven with science-backed technology in mind.

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