JantaTech Launches All-Inclusive, Voice-Enabled Life Organiser App, Teetly

The team at JantaTech has very newly launched a unique life organizer app, named Teetly. Teetly is a life organizer app that differentiates itself from the generic apps in the market as it enables users to store personal data in context with the utmost privacy.

“People with families and responsibilities have a lot of things to handle daily. This app reduces their burden by enabling them to organize their data such as documents, invoices, warranty, and AMC. They can talk to google assistant and get information like driving license number, vehicle chassis number, etc. or view/email any document instantly,” says the team at Teetly.

Teetly lets its users store their data in categories and subcategories, store and access any type of data like documents, invoices, receipts, warranties, AMCs, notes, etc. The app also lets the users exchange their data easily with others. Teetly offers a ‘Track’ feature too, which lets users track every data they need, be it passport renewal, home or medical insurance, the expiry of their subscriptions, documents, bills, or track any event or AMC that is due with just one click!

The ‘Store’ feature lets users store various kinds of data like driving license numbers, vehicle chassis numbers, insurance policy numbers etc. Lastly, the ‘Search’ feature makes finding that stored data very easy and smooth. Users can use Google Assistant on the app to help them with every need of the moment about any data. Users can also forward emails to Teetly.

JantaTech is a technology startup company based in India, building consumer products. “Our vision is to be a leading application innovator, our mission is to build technology products that simplify life”, say the founders of JantaTech. Competitors of Teetly are apps like Evernote and Google Keep. The founders are confident in Teetly as it offers all-inclusive services to its users.

Teetly is available on Google Play Store.

To know more, visit their site below.

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