Enterprising Technologists Use Creativity To Build The Tourism-Specific Mayor App

Technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja have created an innovative app that helps promote a healthy and rewarding form of tourism.

Creative technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja have announced the development of Mayor, an app that works to the advantage of the tourists as well as locals. The app has been designed to make tourism rewarding for the locals, while the tourists have a great experience exploring the top destinations in a specific locality.

“We are delighted to introduce Mayor, an app aimed at promoting tourism minus the usual drawbacks,” says a member of the creative team. “Tourism can be rewarding as well as painful. Mayor aims to remove the drawbacks of tourism for the locals as well as the tourists and provide them with a truly enjoyable and satisfying experience.”

A place with the potential to attract tourists can create a string of potential opportunities on many fronts. One of the biggest benefits is the economic buoyancy it brings to the place. However, all major tourist sites also suffer a few drawbacks and challenges. These come in the form of crowding and pollution.

A place teeming with tourists also puts a major stress on the limited local resources which in turn can antagonize the locals. In many cases, it may result in a rise in the price of essentials which again is a major drawback for the local people.

The Mayor app has been developed with the aim of addressing the problems and providing a practical way of overcoming these challenges. The Mayor app helps create the right environment in which the tourists and locals support each other while providing them with pleasant and warm experiences.

It aims to iron out the usual problems by addressing the common issues faced by both locals and tourists in a tourism environment.

Mayor works by marking the top destinations and activities recommendations by locals. Tourists can try out the recommendations provided by locals, try them out, and rank these locations based on their individual experiences.

Every month, the local whose suggestions and tips get the maximum number of votes is crowned the virtual mayor of the city. The perks include discounts, free parking, and similar encouragements. With Mayor, locals get a new way to enjoy the touristification of their city.

The team members of the app development project are creative technologists Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja, and mentors Marc Vosshall, and Philip Wogart.

Mayor has been honored with the following awards:

  • Platinum – Muse Creative Award
  • Gold – Vega Digital Award
  • Bronze – Creativity International Award
  • Finalist – Communication Arts Interactive Competition
  • Honorable Mention – Graphis New Talent Awards

For more information, visit https://museaward.com/winner-info.php?id=218346

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