Coco Benson Looks to Bring Afro House Music to the World

Coco Benson Looks to Bring Afro House Music to the World

Most people will be familiar with mainstream genres like rock, hip hop, pop, and house. Still, dozens of other minor genres deserve more attention and recognition at a national and global level. Coco Benson looks to popularize a beautiful genre called Afro House Music and make it more mainstream.

Coco Benson is a singer and songwriter who brings together her passion for music and her Nigerian heritage and brings them to the big stage. She is of European and West African descent. Coco’s lineage has music embedded deep into it as the artist is the granddaughter of one of Nigeria’s most famous highlife musicians, Bobby Benson, who’s best known for his iconic hit track, “Taxi Driver. Coco is an artist with great versatility and can play and sing in many genres. Still, she has recently taken to heart a dedication towards making Afro House Music and has decided to make that her signature. 

Afro House Music is a subgenre of house music that brings elements of classical African music to the mix. It boasts themes filled with life and color and has become a breakthrough in recent times. In this day and age of music digitization, it is much easier to propagate music. But it’s that opportunity that also becomes a challenge as there’s often a bottleneck of music acceptance because of the sheer volume of music released daily on social media platforms, streaming services, and other virtual channels. 

Despite that bottleneck, Coco Benson is up for the challenge and hopes to inspire more people to listen to more Afro House Music. Some of Coco’s more famous songs include “Can’t Wait,” “Feel the Music,” “They Call Me Coco,” and her version of her grandfather’s signature track “Taxi Driver.” This 2021, she has released a new track entitled “Majesty,” which also features renowned music producer and Coco’s husband, Shizzi. On June 11, 2021, the duo also released a music video for their latest track, which has now reached over 181,000 views to date and is still growing. 

Coco’s husband Shizzi has worked with many mainstream artists, such as Davido, Wizkid, Wale, Chris Brown and many more. The couple started teaming up on music ventures back in 2020 when they worked together on the single “Can’t Wait.” 

For the past few years, what has motivated Coco Benson is her passion for building brands that bring people joy. “I was motivated to build my brand because branding is an important aspect which brings all your ideas together,” she shares. And she hopes that one of those powerful identifiers will be her West African Heritage. 

Even in these trying times, Coco Benson encourages her fans to continue pursuing their wildest dreams, no matter how long it takes. “If we quit the moment things don’t go our way, we’ve given up on ourselves,” she adds. “Never give up on yourself.”

Coco hopes to continue creating more music that will popularize the African House Music genre and is excited to start performing on live stages once more. To stay updated on the artist’s upcoming projects, check out her music, and visit her on Spotify, Instagram and YouTube.

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