Explains How to Choose an Xbox Controller Explains How to Choose an Xbox Controller

Microsoft has been leading the way in console production since they first introduced the Xbox in 2001. The latest version of Xbox is Series X, allowing gamers to enjoy hyper-realistic graphics as well as new and improved controllers. Getting to know the Xbox controller is important for gamers who want to excel at playing all types of video games. Keep reading to see it here and learn more.

What Makes the Xbox Controller So Easy to Use?

The latest Xbox Series X controllers feature an accessible design that makes using them much easier and more intuitive. The controller has been redesigned to fit smaller hands, making this a controller that is ideal for players of all ages and sizes. Now, everyone can get in on the action and enjoy their time playing a game. 

In addition to size changes, Microsoft now makes their buttons with a matte finish and triggers with tactile dots. These changes have allowed all types of players to more easily use the controllers, according to Ease of use is one of the many reasons so many people enjoy using Xbox Series X controllers for their Xbox console and PC. 

Features of the Xbox Series X Controller

There are multiple features offered with the Xbox Series X controller. Since its launch in 2020, gamers have been rejoicing over the amazing features Microsoft offers. In addition to the below features, Microsoft has improved its battery life. Many people were surprised to learn OtterBox made an Xbox controller battery that can be swapped out mid-game. Drained batteries are one of the biggest aggravations for gamers. 

  • The left and right thumbsticks are small joysticks that protrude above the surface of the controller. These are used to interact with games and apps on the Xbox Series X console. Their functions vary according to the game. 

  • The left and right bumpers are oblong and are featured on the top of the controller. They are also used to interact with games and apps on the Xbox Series X console. Depending on the game, their functions can change. 

  • There is also the view button. This button has different features, depending on the game being played. It is located to the lower left of the Xbox button on the controller. 

  • The Xbox button offers multiple functions. Pressing the button turns on the controller. Pressing it once will open the guide. Pressing and holding the button for about six seconds will shut off the controller. 

  • The A, B, X, and Y buttons are used to interact with games. These buttons have different functions, including run and jump, depending on the game being played. They are labeled with their corresponding letters and colors. 

  • The D-Pad is a raised plus sign toggle. The D-Pad moves the focus of the camera up, down, right, and left. The D-Pad also has other functions, depending on the game. 

Companies like 
SCUF Gaming want players to better understand how to use their Xbox controllers so they can become masters of their favorite games. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how Xbox controllers continue to evolve. 

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