Visual Artist Janette Hassan Pimentel Shares Her Vision of MAHAUPIC

By Carl Douglas

Janette Hassan Pimentel, the visual artist known for her artworks that stand apart for their bright colors and imaginative canvases, is providing an insight into her MAHAUPIC project. It is for all those who appreciate abstract art and are looking for a source of inspiration to bring positivity into their lives.

“MAHAUPIC is simply an idea of a world that has everything positive about it,” says Janette Hassan Pimentel. “It is also about the Mouth which plays an important role in everything we do. If we talk about positive things we can stay healthy and happy. By simply controlling what we say and do, we can attain happiness and well-being, not only for us but for others as well.”

Janette says that what we say and do can impact our lives. Words uttered with power and conviction can change life for the better and that’s why it is important to create the habit of thinking and speaking about living healthily and happily.

Janette believes that words remain in our minds and our lives are guided by the path that it indicates to us. The present and future of people depend on what they say or rather on the mouth.

MAHAUPIC is born from the power of the mouth. Positive words can give people the strength to add and live around to evolve. With MAHAUPIC, Janette not only offers a work of light, beauty, and style but also creates the ability to live healthily happily from the inside out, in a simpler way. Janette says it can be achieved by practicing 10 great powers.

1) The Power of Your Word

The influence of words is enormous as it works like a seed that generates life. It turns what you say into pure energy that will attract action or event. That’s why one should eliminate negative words from their vocabulary and focus on positive words only.

2) The Power to Transform Negative into Positive

People cannot control everything in their lives but if they can control how to face the situation, they can transform negative to positive. People should learn from what they have experienced, look for a solution, and continue their efforts.

3) Have Like-minded People Around

Everyone’s environment acts as an echo. Enthusiasm and optimism are contagious and can create a motivating effect. That’s why it makes sense to be with people with a similar positive approach to life.

4) Day Dreaming

Daydreaming can be a rewarding experience from the inside out according to Janette. Dreams can be powerful and when people achieve them, they can keep adding more and then dream about them to enjoy a continuous string of rewarding experiences.

5) Practice the power of gratitude:

People must cultivate the habit of gratitude for everything they have. The power of gratitude can be immense. It can undo conflicts, remove discomforts, and banish bad times by creating a feeling of well-being.

6) Smile

Smiling is a simple but powerful way of creating infinite positive reactions in the brain. It also helps relieves tensions, is a mood booster, and pulls positive people together like a magnet.

7) Eat Healthily

Learn to eat healthily, says Janette as this can create a healthy, happy and active life. People must cultivate the habit of having healthy, rich, and nutritious food. It can improve mood, increase the level of energy, sleep better, and remain fit.

8) Ignore Negative Things

The formula is simple. Avoid negative people, words, and actions says, Janette. Taking negative comments and feelings to the heart can create stress. Stay clear of such situations and ignore negativity in all forms.

9) Evolution

Humans must keep evolving but it must not be just physical. Evolution must take place at all levels such as personal, spiritual, social, and professional. Humans must not fear changes. When they find themselves in the same place, frustrations and a feeling of regret for not giving in to the changes will appear.

10) Self-Belief

People must have self-belief and remove all elements of doubts from their minds. They must learn to live healthily and happily from the inside out creating a world of color.


MAHAUPIC is an idea aimed at those who appreciate abstract art, and who like the self-made visual artist Janette Hassan Pimentel. It can be the real source of inspiration for those who want to give a positive turn to their life.

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