Blindmaiden Welcomes Beard Lovers and Facial Hair Enthusiasts to the Pogonophile Club

Blindmaiden is a Netherlands-based blog company that gathers, archives, and studies facial hair trends and phenomena, both current and throughout history.

The first beard trend took off during the early years of the 2000s, according to New York Times. Men wore facial hair thousands of years ago, and the trends (as well as motivation) for wearing, trimming, and caring for beards and mustaches evolved through the eras. 

Even though beards are immensely popular these days, not a lot of people know much about them. Some people can grow long, thick, healthy beards while others struggle to grow a strand of bushy, unruly hairs. Why some beards require little maintenance while others need daily trips to the barbershop; these are some of the questions answered on Blindmaiden’s website.

“For a long time a sign of virility, the beard has become a fashionable accessory for men. But it’s not always easy for everyone to grow a beard.” – A snippet from Emma’s post on 12 Steps to Grow a Beard.

Blindmaiden is a popular blog site made by beard lovers for beard lovers. It offers an abundance of quality educational content regarding facial hair health, trends, and history. 

The majority of posts are written and published by Blindmaiden’s house writer/editor Emma. While most of the posts revolve around facial hair tips, tricks, and strategies, some concern women’s hair – the Curly Hair: The 15 Infallible Tricks is such an example.

Blindmaiden’s writers are also committed to raising awareness regarding diseases and health issues among men who are wearing long beards. A few of the articles on Blindmaiden’s site are research posts comprised of well-studied material regarding facial hair bacteria.

“Swiss researchers have launched this information by discovering more germs and bacteria in men’s beards than in dog hair. Let’s take a look at this study and put it into perspective. This study shows above all that pathogenic microorganisms (i.e. harmful to health) were found in 7 of the 18 men. On the dogs’ side, these harmful micro-organisms were only found on the coat of 4 dogs out of the 30 observed.” – the highlight of Men with Beards Carry More Bacteria than Dogs! article.  

The well-organized archives of Blindmaiden’s blog also feature articles regarding historic beard trends and their evolution, medical reports and stories of Congenital General Hypertrichosis cases (which is popularly referred to as the Bearded Lady Syndrome), as well as educational posts of the most successful bearded women of today’s world.

With a healthy mix of trivia, educational posts, and an abundance of research material, Blindmaiden is among the most unique websites for facial hair enthusiasts regardless of age and gender.

Blindmaiden launched the Pogonophile Club intending to provide easily accessible facial hair maintenance tips, share interesting facts about famous (and less-known) bearded people, and creating a platform where beard lovers can connect, and make new friends. 

More information, as well as access to the complete Blindmaiden archive of blogs and guest posts, are available at

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