DBR Tech brings innovative garden management tools to the global market

DBR Tech has scaled up efforts to bring patio, lawn, and garden products to the global market through Amazon, unveiling special discounts on selected items.

DBR Tech has recently been awarded for its 100% success rate of customer problem-solving and the premium performance of its garden management tools, which comply with international quality standards.

Among its top products include the DBR Tech Garden Hose Splitters, a spigot accessory that makes it easier to run more water hoses simultaneously so people can use one for watering the garden and the others according to their needs. 

“If you’re like most people when the spring and summer months come along, you want to get outside and start enjoying the beautiful weather. And with that comes gardening, washing your car, getting a little muddy with your dog, and having some epic water fights with your kids. But when you only have a single faucet that supports one hose, it can be hard to support multiple needs at once,” says A. Dobrei, creator of DBR Tech brand.

The DBR Tech Garden Hose Splitters allows individuals to hook up more hoses at the same time to help maximize water efficiency and give them more options in watering their garden, washing off their dog, or simply watching their kids run through the sprinkler in the backyard. 

“The best reason to use a water splitter is that it allows you to use multiple hoses simultaneously without having to swap out hoses or limit your outdoor activity,” says Dobrei.

DBR Tech Garden Hose Splitters Family:

–  2 Way Hose Splitter Zinc
–  4 Way Hose Splitter Zinc
–  2 Way Hose Splitter Brass
–  4 Way Hose Splitter Brass

10-year warranty and trusted quality control

The DBR Tech water splitters are made with high-quality, heavy-duty metal, which helps them withstand pressure and ensures they won’t rust or corrode over time.  

“We take pride in the durability and resilience of our DBR Tech products, which is why it comes backed by our no-questions-asked customer support for long-lasting reusability you can count on,” A. Dobrei stressed.

DBR Tech is a family-owned company started by Adrian and his wife, Emma. 

“We’ve started this unbelievably exciting journey in 2017 with small funds but many problems to solve,” says Dobrei.  

They have analyzed thousands of customer feedback, found their biggest problems, and solved them through innovative design and unique accessories and features.

DBR Tech also offers different brass shut off valves, hose end caps, hose nozzle heads and 100ft expandable garden hose. 

Customers can check out DBR Tech’s profile on Amazon for the complete list of products available.

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