$Amen unveils an App that provides services for people

Decentralized Finance provides services for people in crisis situations including ER trips and ransom payouts.

June 23, 2021 – $Amen is a newly developed technology creating an application to aid its community when they are in need of miracles. This approach will ensure the strength of the community behind the money as they will all be able to directly benefit not only from increases in value but also from the services the application will provide by holding it.

$AMEN provides this groundbreaking solution for society and families in crisis situations by providing services for holding the money including coverage for ER visits, ransom payouts and international health directories for when you travel away from home. The application also includes a amazing rerouting service for interpreters so wherever they are, they can communicate with someone who’s language they don’t speak in a moment of crisis, also a suicide prevention hotline, a crisis text support line and a national trafficking text/hotline for whenever they feel in danger. The goal is to be the miracle that people need.

This app is being developed with the consumers in mind. They will be able to use any of their services at the tap of a button and that’s what $AMEN is truly about. They want the crisis situations to be as overcomable as possible. They have developed a product that can literally provide families with miracles.

Why their coverage focuses on health, there are trillions of dollars that circulate the healthcare industry on an annual basis. According to www.cms.gov/ (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the National Health Expenditure is $3.8 trillion. It is not uncommon that even insured individuals are left to pay colossal medical bills that may have been denied by their insurance. This leaves them with thousands of dollars in debt.

The thing about ER trips that makes them stand out to other medical expenses, is mainly how unexpected, time-sensitive, and even life threatening they may be in nature. When it comes to emergencies, they understand that there is not much planning involved and are here to help

AMEN cares for its holders, and their loyal companions and Kidnapping and Ransom Coverage According to the MUPS (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System), 600,000 people go missing in the US annually.

As part of AMEN’s growth journey, they will be launching a Health app. As the slogan recommends, Amen is solely focused on being the miracle you were praying for. They will be utilizing an app to widen our reach, and their ability to better assist their holders. The app will also act as an intermediary platform that connects people with the services they need.

For more Information, please visit: amenapp.io

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