The Zextras Company Reaches 100 Employees, with a Growth Rate of +56% in the Last Year

CEO says, “You can’t separate business growth from employees success.”

The Zextras Group has just exceeded one hundred people. The company growth has not slowed down due to Covid-19. In fact, since January 2020, new resources have joined the offices in Italy, France, Brazil, Russia, and the newly opened Indian branch. Therefore, the number of Zextras employees has more than doubled since the last year. 

“You can’t separate business growth and innovation from the people’s high-level skills and quality on which the company relies,” CEO Paolo Storti says. 

The dramatic change experienced by the whole world last year could have had a large impact on the Zextras Group’s employees, too. Both the management and the employees, however, were brave enough to embrace the situation and turn it into an advantage

Thanks to the remote-ready software developed by Zextras, the pandemic opened the doors for many new hiring opportunities. Therefore, the process significantly improved from 2019, becoming one of the group’s expansion drivers, together with the expansion of the customer base. 

How Zextras faced the pandemic 

“Starting in April 2020, we all attended a course about remote work. The aim was overcoming the shock brought by Covid, which forced us to suddenly learn a new way to work,” explains Debora Bordina, HR manager, who has more than 20 years of experience in this role. When the world closed, she had no doubts about what Zextras would do. “It was essential to provide the entire workforce, management and directors included, with new tools and strategy to face the New Normal.” 

This approach succeeded in ensuring both the efficiency of the process and happiness among employees, who are the very first line of the company’s success.

“Despite the initial difficulties of having to manage a 40-developer team, remotely, we succeeded in completing the 12 planned releases without being late,” explains Carlo Facci, COO of Zextras. “Being forced to work remotely made all of us realize the high quality our product and processes achieved in recent years.” Among the group’s customers are government agencies and hospitals. Avoiding breaks in the continuous delivery was, therefore, essential. 

Innovation based on people 

With confidence in its employees, confirmed by the decision to allow them to continue working remotely, even when many other firms were calling their employees back to the office. Storti incorporates a big push for innovation “My first company got into email and collaboration 20 years ago, but, if we had slowed down when it seemed like email had become an old asset, we probably wouldn’t be here now.” 

In fact, Zextras Suite is far beyond the email, now. The product has been constantly evolving in the last few years. “Therefore, the demand for a digital workplace found us ready. The product was already offering what any company was asking.” Zextras Suite for Zimbra Open Source is a software for the digital workplace, designed to support businesses and organizations worldwide in collaboration and digital communication, with a focus on data security.

“We didn’t expect that there would be a pandemic that would accelerate the pace of digital transformation. Still, the important thing now is to continue to do our best work so that we can ensure that all companies that will need it have the best possible services.” 

This is why the hiring process had to speed up worldwide, as well as training courses, team gatherings (when possible), and human resource activities in order to check and constantly improve the employees’ morale. 

Zextras believes that the road to internationality has just begun. The group already works with employees in Europe, CIS, and LATAM, as well as a worldwide network of partners, but is confident in its strategy. “To aim for an increase in customers and turnoverinnovation and product quality cannot be separated from the well-being of the people on which our companies depend,” concludes Storti.

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