ICU Designs Creates a Cellphone Case with Built-in Vanity Mirror

This mirror has an adjustable two-tone light diffuser which works well in any lighting situation

LOS ANGELES – June 23, 2021 – ICU Designs has launched a phone case which doubles as a vanity mirror. This cellphone case makes something which everyone needs on a daily basis readily available – a high quality mirror with good lighting. ICU Designs will launch on Indiegogo on June 28, and the cellphone case will be available for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

There are many everyday situations where a vanity mirror could come in handy. In fact, throughout the day, the average person looks at themselves in the mirror a countless number of times. Unfortunately, sometimes these mirrors come with poor lighting. Even worse, these mirrors aren’t always readily available.

“How many situations have you been in where you needed a mirror but there was no mirror to be found?” asks ICU Designs founder Antonio Cullari. “If you’re sitting waiting at an interview, going into a meeting, you need a quick touch-up before that date, and you have that nagging feeling you get when you have something in your eye or teeth – this cellphone case is for you.”

The true beauty of this mirror is that it can be used easily in any lighting. The two-tone light diffuser allows the user to set the lighting to whatever level they’re comfortable with using the built-in light from the cellphone. This translucent and opaque diffuser mechanism is ideal for both day and night needs. The diffuser makes it easy to use the mirror in low-light settings without disturbing other people nearby. The light diffuser can also be used to take great selfies in low-light settings.

ICU Designs has developed a unique product which combines a high-quality scratch-resistant mirror and a two-tone diffuser that uses the built-in lighting from the cell phone. The fact that the mirror has been incorporated in a cellphone case means that users no longer need to worry about not having access to a mirror when they need it most.

ICU Designs is primed to help everyone look their best and take that perfect Instagram shot. Their innovative cellphone case is patent pending and they are in the process of applying for a utility patent. Moreover, the funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will help with production costs for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 cases in addition to funding other cases for a wider range of cell phones.

The average person needs to look at themselves in the mirror several times during the day. With this phone case, users can apply makeup, get that spinach out of their teeth or make sure they’re looking their best before an interview without desperately hunting for a mirror.

About ICU Designs

ICU Designs has built a cellphone case which also plays the role of a vanity mirror, complete with a two-tone light diffuser. With this mirror, they aim to help people look their best wherever they are.




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