Gear Elevation’s Ion Pure Detox Review: Is It Worth the Money? Scam or Legit?

Can The Ion Pure Really Help Detoxify Heavy Metals?

A well-functioning immune system is needed to stay healthy — to recognize pathogens and fight infection. Never does this truth hit home more than at a time like this. Heavy metals in the bodies compromise immune systems. They serve no useful function, the body cannot metabolize them, and they can also be harmful at low levels. They enter the body through breathing, ingestion, and skin absorption.

How The Ion Pure By Gear Elevation Ionic Foot Bath Works

The Ion Pure foot bath is a full-body detoxification system that helps the body remove toxins in two ways.

1. During a session:

Toxins in the body are stored in ionic form: heavy metals have a positive charge. The Ion Pure generates positive and negative ions from the electrolysis of water to create an ionic field that neutralizes positively and negatively charged toxins from the body.

2. For days after a session:

The clean filtered current from their medical-grade power supply relaxes the body so that it goes into rest and digest mode. This helps eliminate toxins not only during the session but for three to five days afterward. The body, relieved from stress, does what it was meant to do — detoxify itself.

The IonPure by Gear Elevation Heavy Metal Study

Their heavy metal study tested the excretion of heavy metals in the days following a foot bath session. It showed a significant increase in the amount of heavy metals eliminated in the urine each day over a five-day period.

Be Proactive for The Body’s Optimal Performance

A healthful lifestyle includes attention to the three pillars of health — diet, exercise, and detoxification. We need to be proactive in our choices for all three. For diet, eat nutritious food along with whatever supplements are needed. For exercise, supplement everyday routines with gym workouts, running, yoga, and other activities. For detoxification, it’s best advised to support the immune system that removes the toxic burden that comes with modern life. There is no better way to do this than with an Ion Pure detoxification foot bath.

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Having satisfied customers with success stories for more than 30,000 customers gives Gear Elevation the confidence to offer a worry-free, 100% money-back guarantee on their models.

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