Crowned by Grace 7 Features Modern Empowering Fashion

Offering Astonishing Clothing with a Message of Faith

Crowned by Grace 7 is a Christian Family Clothing Line Brand conceived by Melissa R. Hawthorne Strongin aka Melitza Ruth. Brings her love of christ and her creativity to the forefront with her uniquely designed eclectic collections of family apparel and accessories. certified customer service representative in Retail Industry Mrs. Hawthorne Strongin brings over 10 years of service training and experience. 

Mrs. Melitza Ruth, a 39-year-old black woman molded by Christian values, convictions, and determination, used the uncertainty of recent times to nurture her apparel designs. Originally focused on a target audience of  women from all walks of life, the Christian messaged apparel and accessories of Crowned by Grace 07 naturally expanded to include stylish selections for men and children as well as essential accessories.

The astonishing colorful collection of Christian centric message apparel is designed to re-affirm self-worth, embrace self-esteem, and shout out the glory and honor of Grace. Persons of all walks of life including Urban, Contemporary Gospel Christian, as well as secular can all feel welcomed in embracing apparel that proclaims the value and honor of the self. The focus of the Crowned by Grace07 Brand is to honor the value and self-worth which God bestowed upon us. 

The messaging of the Crowned by Grace 07 Brand is deeply reinforcing to those who embrace the Christian Faith, yet it is appropriately humanistic for the secularist. It proclaims that Christianity is fashionable with bold colors, re-enforcing messaging along with contemporary cuts, quality, and styles. The Crowned by Grace 7 Brand features traditional casual, contemporary streetwear, daring beach wear, bold footwear, along with exhilarating accessories in matching or contrasting designer patterns. 

Melissa Strongin embraced the sudden amount of extra time that 2020 offered her to hatch her dreamed of brand in all its glory for its 2021 unveiling. Crowned by Grace 07 offers a 24/7 online shopping experience backed by a professional customer service expert. Mrs. Strongin aka Melitza Ruth discussed the mission of Crowned by Grace 07, “The Crowned by Grace 07 Crowned by glory & honor, Know your worth, Be who God called you to be!  Brand empowers women and communities to know their worth and value through the power of Jesus Christ. It expresses a value to conquer the feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, and unworthiness. The message of the brand allows people to spread the gospel while knowing and recognizing who they are and knowing their value and worth.  By wearing this apparel, it allows individuals to share their faith with others throughout their day in a positive colorful embracing way. Affirmation Videos, Prayer Journals, eBooks, Calendars, Prayer Cards, Devotionals, (Laptop/Cell Phone/Tablet Screen Savers) Blogs, Videos, YouTube Channel, Podcast, as well as Music to support and expand the message of Crowned by Grace 07 are all in development.  For announcements and new product releases follow us on Instagram @CrownedbyGrace07 as we expand the Brand and its offerings to enhance your spiritual values.”

Crowned by Grace 07 offers free shipping throughout the USA on most products. Some items are shipping costs applied. All are back by the customer service expertise of Mrs. Strongin. Since 2017 while raising a son and working full time Melissa R. Hawthorne Strongin has dreamed of developing her own Brand. While 2020 brought much pain, suffering and economic hardships, it also opened the doors of opportunity. While home from work as she monitored her 14-year-old son attending school online, Melissa began to nurture her vision. As a foundational step on the road to what would become Crowned by Grace 07, Mrs. Strongin began a t-shirt business in September 2020. 

Taking online business courses to expand her knowledge of building and creating a business brand, retail clothing design and marketing, Melissa Strongin grew her offerings to flesh out a complete shopping experience for women, children as well as men. Crowned by Grace 7 is hosted on the Etsy Platform for 24/7 reliability as well as 100% renewable electricity to stem the damage of climate change. Crowned by Grace 07 accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal. 

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