Sell What You Know Teaches Individuals How to Run a Successful Online Coaching Service

The academy inspires awareness and action in people to create their best lives.

There is a popular quote that goes “if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.” This used to only make sense for traditional jobs, but the age of the internet has brought a marvelous opportunity for practically anyone to sell what they already know by becoming an online coach or consultant. This may be an uncertain move for some, but Sell What You Know has already mastered the intricacies of launching and scaling an online coaching service. It is dedicated to helping everyday people build their consulting service and — ultimately — gain time, financial and geographical freedom.

Sell What You Know is a new online coaching academy that generates more than £1 million in revenue. After serving 500 clients in its first year, the academy kickstarted the “Classrooms 4 All” initiative using its own funds to provide disabled facilities to schools in developing countries.

“Our purpose is to inspire and empower awareness and action in people to create their best lives. We want them to feel fulfilled by achieving small differences that have significant positive impacts on the lives of others, making the world a better place,” stated a representative from Sell What You Know.

The academy believes that online coaching and consulting empower people to help others in constructive and meaningful ways. It makes its clients understand that the knowledge, passion and experience they have can help others overcome the problems and challenges they face. Sell What You Know teaches that people don’t always need to have a job, get a mortgage, get a pension and work hard their whole lives to start enjoying life. It encourages individuals to work smarter, not harder.

“The best thing about the Sell What You Know coaching academy is their philanthropic work. They have a great model of re-investing the profits and directing them to worthy causes around the world. They have a project where they work on inclusive education to help disabled children from some of the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities get access to educationThey do this by financing inclusive infrastructural development, providing scholarships and assistive devices and tools” shared Amina Shaaban, a Development consultant currently working with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

People who want to know how to leverage their knowledge more effectively will greatly learn from Sell What You Know. With this new venture, they can create a new life for themselves and their family while, at the same time, sending a positive impact to the world.

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Sell What You Know is a new online coaching academy that helps everyday people become online coaches or consultants.

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