Matters needing attention when using energy-saving portable evaporative air cooler

Environmental air cooler, portable evaporative air cooler has the advantages of good cooling effect, ventilation and cooling, energy saving and environmental protection. Using portable evaporative air cooler to cool down is a good choice, but attention should be paid to some details when using, otherwise the effect is not ideal.

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1, when the negative pressure cooling, if the doors and Windows in the house are not closed strictly, the wind will enter through these holes, but not through the cooling pad, so that a considerable part of the air entering the house is not cooled outside the house, so that the temperature of the part of the air inlet can not be reduced or reduced limited.

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2, Environmental air cooler, portable evaporative air cooler is based on the principle of evaporation, but if the humidity outside the house is large, the evaporation of water is reduced, the cooling effect is poor; Therefore, in the rainy season with high humidity, the use of Environmental air cooler, if the cooling effect is not ideal, then the use of ventilation cooling is better.

3. Portable evaporative air cooler will increase the humidity in the house, which has a lot of adverse effects on the workshop that is afraid of humidity, so it is not suitable to use.

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4, the size of Environmental air cooler and ventilation, which is the need for professionals to carry out detailed calculation, do not secretly change the area of Environmental air cooler cooling pad, so as not to cause the problem of cooling effect is not ideal.

5, XIKOO must also consider the maintenance of Environmental air cooler and Portable evaporative air cooler. Many workshops and workshops are not in place due to the lack of maintenance of Portable evaporative air cooler, which leads to the use effect is not ideal.

The use of Environmental air cooler, portable evaporative air cooler matters needing attention is simply introduced to lead to reasonable, XIKOO hope to be helpful to people.

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