Los Angeles Residents Can Sell Homes for Cash

Los Angeles Residents Can Sell Homes for Cash

In the past, individuals would turn to a company specializing in buying houses for cash for several reasons. The need to sell fast during a divorce led many to make this move, and a person who inherited a home might choose to go this route as they live in another state and don’t want to return to finalize a sale in the future.

Homeowners facing foreclosure would select this option when possible to avoid having a negative mark on their credit report, and a person might sell their home for cash when they are relocating for work and need to close the deal fast. Furthermore, this option benefits individuals who have found their dream home and need to sell their current residence quickly to secure the down payment for the new property. Why should every homeowner consider working with Eazy House Sale when the time comes to sell their home? 

Completed Sales

Nothing is more frustrating to a homeowner than having a contract for their home only to have the contract fall through at the last minute. Working with a local we buy houses company eliminates this concern. The sale closes within three weeks, with some sales being finalized in only five days. This is much faster than the four to seven weeks it takes with conventional sales. 

No Work for the Seller

Homes sold for cash typically go “as is”. This means the homeowner doesn’t need to make repairs before the property exchanges hands. This helps the seller save money they can use on the new property. Although this does decrease the amount the seller receives for the property, many people find they are willing to accept less to have the sale completed in a shorter period. 

Furthermore, the seller won’t need to stage the property. If a new home has already been purchased, the seller might find they need to leave some items behind to stage the residence they are selling. If they don’t want to do this, they’ll need to hire a company to handle this task for them. That reduces the amount they make from the sale of the home. They also need to hire a house cleaner to ensure the home remains clean for showings and open houses. A cash buyer eliminates the need to take these steps and avoids costs that won’t be recouped when the home sells. 

Agent Commissions

The seller won’t be asked to pay agent commissions when working with a cash buyer. The seller works directly with the company to avoid this expense. This doesn’t mean the seller has no representation during the sale. They may work with an attorney to review all documents or hire other professionals they wish to assist with the sale. That’s a matter of personal preference. 

Consider selling your home to a local cash buyer to save time and hassle. Individuals who wish to know more about how this process works may visit https://www.eazyhousesale.com/. Once people learn how easy the process is, they’ll never sell a home the conventional way again. 

About Eazy House Sale:

Eazy House Sale is a locally trusted and reliable house buyer purchasing properties throughout Southern California. The company prides itself on being the “easiest” home buyer to work with, respectful of the seller’s time and personal situation. The company’s goal when buying a house is to provide the seller with a fair offer and make it the easiest real estate transaction they will ever be a part of.

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