Debbie White Of Frankly Deb Grows Her Business Into Multiple Six Figures In Less Than A Year

Digital marketing enthusiast and entrepreneur, Debbie White, set to share her wealth of knowledge with other women after building her business into multiple six figures using social media

Debbie White has become increasingly popular in recent times as a brand strategist for 40+ women entrepreneurs that seek to leverage social media to grow their business. In a related development, the founder of Frankly Deb recently committed herself to support women from different parts of the world to build successful businesses on social media.

My goal is to empower women all over the world by showing them how to build their online businesses. My next challenge is to show as many women as possible how we can all rise together in this online eCommerce world,” said Debbie White, founder of Frankly Deb.

The global business environment has evolved over the years, as more tech-driven solutions have emerged to enhance the operations of businesses and help them reach their target audience more effectively. Women have undoubtedly played a significant part in shaping the global economy, as primary buyers of a majority of products and services. According to a recent report, women 50 years and above compromise the largest demographic of incomes over $100,000 controlling 95% of household purchasing decisions. AARP also reported that nearly 40% of Facebook users in the United States were aged 45 and older as of January 2021. Unfortunately, women in business have not particularly harnessed the favorable numbers to grow their brands online, which is where Debbie White is looking to make a difference.

Over the years, Debbie has worked with several businesses, with more than three decades of delivering quality marketing solutions to brands, including corporate advertising and marketing. She subsequently founded her advertising agency, serving Fortune 500 clients before deciding to exclusively coach female entrepreneurs, especially women above the age of 40, teaching them how to build thriving online businesses using social media as their “online storefront”.

Debbie White adopts a unique approach of coaching, personifying the experience after founding her business at 53 and growing it into a six-figure venture using social media. The goal is to show the world how powerful and dynamic women are in the business environment and how 40+ female entrepreneurs can compete effectively in the digital era.

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