Leascoffee.com, a Coffee Blog Providing Informational and Educative Content for Coffee Consumers in the US

Leascoffee is a blog started by Kathleen Baker. She explores the coffee culture, bringing perspective and education to the consumers and producers of the most consumed beverage in the world

It’s not easy to keep an up-to-date blog, especially when everyone prefers drinking coffee over writing about it. That’s why most coffee blogs are outdated and not relevant anymore. Leascoffee that goes against this narrative to be a coffee blog that informs readers about coffee, beans, espresso machines, coffee grinders, and coffee makers.

Leascoffee.com is the brainchild of Kathleen Baker, a coffee lover, and she strives to educate readers on everything coffee from the best coffee to brew at home or in the office to roasting coffee beans to coffee brands to equipment for making coffee and more. Kathleen has grown the blog to a complete resource and knowledgebase for coffee and its consumers.

Even in a world of infinite information, coffee can still be a very difficult thing to get right. And what is ‘right’ for each individual is only half the problem. On Leascoffee.com, Kathleen explains the types of coffee beans in the world today, their strengths, and the perfect brewing approach for each. She also shows her visitors the scores of ways to brew coffee which includes American, latte, espresso, flat white, long black, and macchiato, to mention a few.

The blog contains guides on the various types of coffee machines. From drip coffee machines to pump espresso machines to pod or capsule systems, Kathleen provides extensive information illustrating the features of coffee makers, espresso machines and grinders, from capacity to digital controls, a thermal carafe to brew strength, water filter and more.

With over four hundred million cups of coffee consumed every year, Kathleen Baker is helping consumers to make their coffee better by ensuring Leascoffee is a definitive guide on everything related to coffee, from its sourcing to preparation and consumption.

To follow Kathleen Baker as she explores the coffee culture, please visit www.leascoffee.com.

About Kathleen Baker

Kathleen Baker is a coffee lover who loves to explore the coffee culture. So she started LeasCoffee.com as a blog to help coffee drinkers globally learn everything about coffee. From buying to brewing, from roasting to the coffee world news, Kathleen shares exciting updates for readers and visitors from various FAQ articles to product reviews.

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