Which fabrics to choose for knit pullover sweaters?

The sweater factory knows that there are many types of sweaters made at present, not only the styles are diverse, but the raw materials for ordering are also quite different. For example, the current mainstream sweater fabrics include wool and other types of materials, and sweaters for spring, autumn and winter. The types of materials are different, but the sweater manufacturers introduce that the current order of sweaters is not based on thick, which guarantees the beauty and other functions while expressing the individuality.

1. Wool

Good-quality sweaters are made to order, although the price of wool is higher, it is highly popular and does not shrink easily. Wool sweaters mixed with other ingredients will be relatively stable but easy to pilling. However, the current custom-made wool sweaters are suitable for bulk ordering, and the price of wool wool on the market has a large flexibility. suggest to make mid-to-high-end wool sweaters. In addition to the cost of raw materials, the price of this kind of wool sweaters is relatively moderate.


2. Cashmere

Sweater manufacturers believe that the elegant wool fabrics made by all sweaters are cashmere. Cashmere sweaters are a must-have item for many people in the closet. The price of cashmere sweaters is relatively high for most people, but good quality cashmere Sweaters are very delicate and can stay shiny for a long time. But when people order this kind of sweaters, people should ask the merchants to provide one-stop service, that is, the merchants will uniformly select and purchase cashmere.

3. Mohair



Mohair is often used in evergreen cardigans. Mohair has high softness. Mohair is a high-priced fabric. The quality of mohair is directly proportional to the price. Good mohair is also more expensive at discounted prices, but sweaters with good reputation will show super strength after ordering. Texture. The life span of mohair sweaters is much longer than that of cashmere and wool, but mohair will be more difficult to maintain in the later period, and there are just strict requirements for the storage environment.


Sweater suppliers know that the above types of sweater fabrics have their own advantages. If people simply consider the price point, it is strongly recommended to choose wool, but from the perspective of cost performance, it is recommended to choose cashmere. If the economy is relatively rich, people can choose mohair or sweater. In custom-made, various materials can also be mixed according to personal hobbies, wearing experience, wearing environment, etc. to ensure that the actual needs of individuals are met.

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