Estia: on a unique mission to shape lifestyles around the world

Estia: on a unique mission to shape lifestyles around the world

“V by Estia”
ESTIA is a real estate development company that was built on the foundation of turning economical crises into opportunities.

With a start in Athens in residential rentals during the crisis, Estia has grown into a residential and touristic development company specifically in Athens and Portugal. They offer residential apartments ranging from 50 sqm lofts in the center of Athens up to 400 sqm apartments in the south and other luxurious areas along the Greek riviera.

Over the years, Estia has grown tremendously. Going from a two-person operation to a 200-employee operation in less than 6 years, they have the interest of their clients at hand. Due to the large demand, they started renovating full buildings and buying lands for ground-up developments. Estia also manages everything in-house, from architects, lawyers, property managers to rental management. They provide a full 360-degree service for their clients and investors. As for the budget of the properties, they offer ranges from 180,000 euros to 3 million euros per apartment, and also offer villa development ranging from 2 to 5 million euros.

Estia’s long term vision is to turn a crisis into an opportunity in countries that have substantial potential. Covid-19, was not only seen as a crisis, it was seen as an opportunity in countries such as Lebanon where they are undergoing a massive economic crisis, Estia helps them manage their money and make it safe through investments.

In addition to that, Estia also encourages a luxury lifestyle and High-end living. They have a diverse portfolio spanning from high-end properties to urban residences, that cater to any lifestyle, whether you prefer the vivid streets of Athens Center or The South Athens Riviera.

Moreover, they aim to become an internationally trusted and recognized real estate developer, while creating a variety of cutting-edge, sustainable residential and commercial projects.

Finally, they provide their clients with valuable investments beside owning one of their luxury properties, they help them become European residents by giving them the Greek Golden Visa to travel freely within the Schengen area.

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