The Confidence Commandments – Ten strategies from women for women

The Confidence Commandments - Ten strategies from women for women

“The Confidence Commandments” by Katrin Luzar
Readers of Katrin Luzar’s “The Confidence Commandments” learn how to make confidence their superpower.

It is a common problem for women: They are asked to help someone with something they do not really have time for, and they simply cannot say “no”. They end up healing and helping other people all the time while neglecting to do good things for themselves. This can lead to dissatisfaction with life and to them losing sight of their own dreams. It does not have to be that way, according to this new book. In the various chapters, women will not only learn to say “no”, but also to not feel bad about it! In addition, they learn how to find a wingwoman, accept compliments, and plan for the small-step victories. This book is written by women for women and offers readers real life advice that can be used by anyone!

In “The Confidence Commandments” by Katrin Luzar, readers hear from an international group of female experts about their personal experiences, tips, and true stories. Together they created the Confidence Commandments. Female readers will find the right guidance for themselves with their easy-to-follow principles. Real life examples help readers to integrate confidence strategies and concepts into their job and their career. Katrin Luzar is a storyteller, a morning person and loves a good detective novel. One of her goals is to support other women on their own journey to confidence. In her job, her focus is brand management and content marketing. Her leadership style is collaborative and focuses on the power of sharing ideas and stories globally. Today she lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

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