Meet Amin Mehraein, Entrepreneur and Digital Creator on Achieving Success at a Young Age

Meet Amin Mehraein, Entrepreneur and Digital Creator on Achieving Success at a Young Age

“Amin Mehraein in 2021, Attending at INOTEXT International Innovation and Technology Exhibition”
Amin Mehraein is a famous Iranian entrepreneur and most popular Digital creator in Iran 2021 ranked by Digsty. He is a young artist with huge followers on the Internet. Let us know the inspiring journey of Amin Mehraein as a prominent entrepreneur.

The Success Story of Amin Mehraein

Mehraein was Born in Qashqai Turkic family and had ordinary life in Shiraz. He was fond by sports of Diving and swimming even in top of the National League competitions ranks. He represented Shiraz Diving team in his childhood. However, he could not continue Dive due to the leg fracture in Dive by accident in exercise. He was a hard worker since his childhood. He was interested in learn more about technology, Programing innovative apps and creative graphic projects during his student life.

He opened an Digital agency called Awmin Services at Richmond Hill, Canada to work as freelancer also owner of agency and hire his expert friends to provide top services, help his friends and gain their income by themselves  when he was only 17 years old. He started his studies in computer Engineering and Master of Business Administration after he Came back to Iran. He worked by a lot notable peoples and artists as graphic designer and programmer cause of his believes in creative and clean project.

He decided to learn more about Digital Marketing, Branding and Augmented Reality technology In the direction of his interests and create gain more experience, create his Brand at least to meet and corporate with high level experts entrepreneurs around the world. according to the Amin says, he found Raz on his life whom he inspired by soul and interacted him to pass Hi life more effective and sensitive than before. After all, he skilled and gained as Facebook marketing partner for creative and for his agency and had nice participant with some top tech companies like MTN Irancell, Digi Kala and also Facebook Developers Community.

In addition, this period he tried to Establish New Clouts brand on Amazon Shopping and provide individual notable artists by his creative augmented reality Business cards concept. He considers his hardworking habits a mega reason behind his success. He earned fame and money from his startups and internet businesses.

Advices and Experiences During Achieve Success 

He also mentioned that the only way to achieve success, is taking advantage of doing whatever you love within. Amin says that to create new products or services, entrepreneurs have to take risks. Taking risks paves the way for true innovation rather than simply imitating what companies have been doing. The Greatest Risk is on your potential and your time. Innovation is what pushes businesses on a forward path. And entrepreneurs are often the ones who lead the pack when it comes to risk-taking and innovation.

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