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Malamo is a golden online shopping platform of Prakul Creations Private Ltd.,Co.

As an internationally recognized currency, gold is one of the indispensable financial reserves of national strategic reserves. It can be seen that the hedging property of gold is not to blame. For ordinary people, compared with virtual digital investments such as futures and stocks, tangible physical gold is more reassuring. Then, in the allocation of household assets, how to invest in physical gold, so as to make it more value-added or even value-added?

If you want to invest in physical gold, you need to know something about physical gold. Physical gold includes investment gold bars, commemorative gold, gold ornaments, gold coins and so on, and the cost of investment gold bars is the lowest, so it is also the first choice of physical gold investment. If you want to allocate as an asset, it is recommended to choose malamo gold. Next, let me give you a detailed introduction.

What is investment bullion?

Investment bullion, also known as investment bullion, is a kind of bullion, but it is not completely equivalent to the general bullion.

In short, investment gold bars are gold bars launched by gold companies, which contain more than 99.99% pure gold. According to the real-time price of Shanghai gold exchange or international market as the reference price, they can be bought or sold in real time for people to maintain and increase the value of investment and wealth management.

Characteristics of investment bullion:

1. Safety

Gold is easy to store and keep, not affected by external conditions; Gold has both monetary and commodity attributes, which makes it have unique functions of value preservation and appreciation.

2. Liquidity

At a time when the stock market fluctuates, the fund is depressed, inflation leads to the devaluation of bank deposits, and real estate is facing strict macro-control, gold highlights its function of hedging and preserving value. Investing in gold is indeed a steady and fast way of investment.

3. Transparency

Gold has a 24-hour pricing and trading market in the world. The trading of investment bullion can refer to the gold price announced by Shanghai Gold Exchange and international gold market. Therefore, the price of gold is open and transparent, and no one can operate it.

4. Wealth

Gold investment has the function of value measurement and currency, which is the symbol of people’s wealth. No matter how the environment changes, gold is always one of the most important and safest assets for individuals and families.

About the company:

Malamo is a golden online shopping platform of Prakul Creations Private Ltd.,Co. All the Malamo’s products have BIS certificates, which meet the national quality control standards.

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